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The Best Way to Catch a Cold

March 7,2006 Tuesday
Silly humans, nukes are for kids.

Silly society, nukes are for kids.

I heard that the Bush Administration is attempting to restart
work on the next generation of nuclear weapons.
That is such a shame. I was actually hoping to live out my
life at one point but like I said before I've given up on
that idea.

I'm currently typing from a room full of people not talking
to each other. It's a computer lab and I'm always amazed
when I walk into one nearly full and no one talks.
Not that that would be a good thing to do but the fact that
everyone is separated even though they are right next to
each other fascinates me.

Why is it so hard to change the world?
I sat in this clear glass hallway looking out over buildings
while I ate my sandwich thinking over the statistical chance
that someone is predisposed to help out in some way.
Are their a few if not a handful of people everywhere or
is this far to isolated?

The probability that someone will want to do something to help
and then the fact that so many people shy away from the news
because it has become increasingly horrendous. They seek
escape and find it in articles about movie stars and TV
and every other (word for thing that helps symptoms but doesn't
heal the problem)

What does one do if one wants to help?
Can it be done? Can things be healed?
I know not nor do I think I can help.

I seem to be choosing the.. "I've gotta find some way
to protect myself and keep all this nuisances away from
To use the term 'yell at' would not be correct.
This professor has more of a way of saying something
in such a way as to hint he doesn't like what your doing.
I admit that times in the past I haven't caught all of it.
But I gather the general sense he conveys disapproval
with a sophistically mockish aire.

I was playing with a function generator at the time.
The only reason not to... would by annoyance.

The situation brought back an old memory of someone
who said they could 'make me' The very utterance of
such things reassures the motivation to live alone.
To prevent all those whom will or have told me what
to do or feel they can 'make me' do something.
I will go to the ends of the Earth and back to prevent
the rest of the people of the world from imposing
their control on me.

I was browsing about a bit earlier and found some information
about the libpng or portable networks graphic library.
I hunted a bit more and found a how to write code that uses
it. From what I can see will be a couple of hours of work, I
know I can figure out and use the images to create a
3D information storage system that utilize loss-less compression
to prevent file sizes from growing to large.
It amounts to cutting up a 3D object into slices just one image
thin then stacking them on top of each other to work with in a

I like the idea that it might be useful to build single cell
circuit in such a way that they calculate their values based on
their neighbors. Like a solid xyz computing block that simulates
conditions in real time because the information it needs is
literally right next door.

Ugh. I feel tired and sick and I need to go back to lab regardless


~technically written on the next day~

I had no good reason to walk out. I thought about it.
And I just didn't think it was a good idea. I've been
feeling increasingly sick as the day has worn on and
I know that I caught this cold for good reasons.
I made sure to spend time with someone I cared about.
She was sick and I knew I would probably catch what
she had but it was very important to be with her for
that time. That is why I'm honored to be sick.
That's why I feel this is the one good time that I
have been sick. ... Though I'll see how sick I get.
But by far this is the Best Way to Catch A Cold.

Anyway, I did wonder out thinking I was going to visit
the Cupboard all the way down in the J and buy a Sobe.
That would make my throat feel better. While there
Zorro played on the big screen and not wanting to walk
back so suddenly kept me there. Least until I managed
to see Kristina, Liz and Kelsey. I phoned
Kristina and Liz's place earlier and upon not hearing
anyone pick up I felt there really was no reason to go
out. But I happened to see them.
Even walked back with them and got clips.

While I walked home quickly because I felt sick I
thought about more Welcome to Chris World Image ideas.
I've begun a list of the possibilities to transform into

Oh, I made part of my mothers birthday gift today.
There isn't that many days to get it there so... it
might be late.

I have STAT homework to tend to as well as rest to gather
before tomorrow in which I theorize I might be able
to get my  haircut FINALLY.

I'm Frustrated while Sick and Having Troble with my computer
The Wire Jungle at Ground level
The Mighty CPU has not yet Lifted up. Least not until I verify that I wired everything right. Toward the End of the Night

Kristina and Liz after I walked back with them to their place.
Liz Proudly Shows me her Cream Collection. She gets them from everywhere.
We talked about how we were not going to see each other over break. We were both sad.

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