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Break Mid Point

March 15, 2006 Wednesday 9:40 PM Break Mid Point
I realize that I'm basically half way through this break.
So is the glass half empty or half full? Prob, the first
break that I can really look back... unless you count
that other one where I took lots and lots of video.
Never doing that again.

I woke up to the sound of the Siren of Arcata. It's this
relic left over from WWII I think. I'm merely speculating
here... but it wails at 12 everyday and I heard it
as I was laying in bed just waking up. It's soft but I can
here it from this far away. I wondered where it was.
And later when I had visited D street to take care of the 
bunny and play guitar and I looked out the window and 
spotted this horn like thing. I took a blurry picture and
wondered if that was the thing I had heard and speculated about.
I wouldn't know unless I was right near it at 12 or so and looked
up to verify. 

I did not collect much visual data today. I do recall researching a variety of things after getting up. I was delighted to find that Widgets are very easy to make least in theory. That is good. Looked up the Human Genome project as well. Don't know how I got onto that topic but I was hunting down software that shows the genetic codes. I think having the codes go by would make a nice screen saver. Which reminds me how I wanted to make a video widget for the DashBoard. I wonder if it would work? Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed playing guitar and singing while I was alone at the house. I even got to visit Marie on the way back home. No picture. She's sick now and she had lost her passport and things have generally been going down hill for her lately. My visit was brief. ... there's definitely stuff I am forgetting about. Haven't heard back from Joy. She's in Hawaii last I heard and then I read this article about some flooding and how people were missing and I've decided I'll be all that much happier to get any e mails back. ... She told me once. After my watch band was fixed by this deep purple ribbon... she told me that if I wasn't using it I should return it. Well, the ribbon came off and I can't put it back on. But I can't say I'm done with it either. I like the ribbon and I realize that it reminds me of her. And I think of her when I see it. The ribbon is still in use. She thinks that I've given up on the clothing patterns thing. I'd prefer to say no. But that doesn't change the fact that I am still stuck. I've also lost sight of the original objective. I think I need to be fully reminded. ... Oh yeah, I found this Lesson plan about Measurement and it had something in there about volume you can make by rolling piece of paper. I enjoyed my little excursion of algebra as I solved the problem on the very paper I was using to demo the idea. It's all so simple. Empty Titles Back when I started the journal I didn't title the entries. Or when I did, the Titles Really meant something. Now, I seem to have to generate one for I have this special title text field that demands it. I should default to putting the DAte there instead of generating random titles. So that each one I pick will be representative of my day. I noticed I describe this action of recording the day in similar ways... I unfold the events I unwrap it I roll back reveal it's all about lifting the cloud of mystery and placing the day next to all those other old dusty memories on the shelf of my life. 10:04 PM Two hour remain in this day. Do I feel like being more constructive? It's halfway through break and I'm just starting to get into that vacationish swing. That's right about where it's hardest to do the homework assignments. Oh yeah, I was suppose to give Alex a tour of the place sometime. And communicate with KJ. mmm

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