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Camera of my Dreams

March 21, 2006 Tuesday 11:53 PM Camera of my Dreams
This is my camera. This is my salvation.
I might be up a bit late just making sure
i talk about all these things.
This was a Good day. Even I caught a cold
from someone. It's still a great day.
I laughed so much with friends.
And everything was cool. 

I managed to catch up on my computer lab.
The one where I'm building a computer.
I got it to run a program for the first time.
It's truly a mess of wires. I know this because
it only wants to run half of the time. It keeps
dying the other half. But as long as I know 
it is capable I am happy and willing to spend
many more ours fixing all the little wires to make
it that much more reliable.

I caught imagery from every class of the day as well
as my visit to D street, the restaurant and after
getting dropped off my Emily at Creek-view where I 
visited Kristina and Liz. 

All day I was thinking about doing movies. All day
I was thinking about different sorts of equipment to 
build. And when I walked after my long day having
fun and working hard. I find to large boxes that I was
expecting. They are the tripod and the camera of my dreams.
I know I love it because I'm already paranoid someone is 
going to take it from me. Noooo. 

From what I've gotten to experiment with it so far I find
it's everything I hoped and dreamed of. EVerything I lamented
about the first camera is absent in this one. This gets the 
imagery at the light levels and quality I desire.
This is a wonder. I hope to pans out to be as reliable as it 
should be. I'm excited about the possibility about putting
out a DVD of something I work on with people. Something that
goes above and beyond anything I ever dreamed of before. 
I know it's possible and I know this device is the trigger
that gets me rolling. 

This camera is the personification of good stuff to me.
I dreamt of such a thing. Wow. The whole rest of the day is
over shadowed by me finding it.
I realize as I took my shower that much of what I write 
about during the day. The I saw so and so. I ate out here
and there. That stuff... it doesn't live on the way
other thoughts do. I mean real thoughts. The ideas
and feelings. The decisions and emotions that fill days.
The aspects and elements of life that build on one another.
The log of things I work on. These things.. if one looks
a journaling in a certain way remain important long after
the day is done. I only suddenly care because it requires
much much time to complete a full entry with all of the 
other stuff mentioned. This doesn't mean my logs would
be devoid of all social mentioning. Just to know their
place. And I think that place is characterized by my
objectives for keeping a journal in the first place.
I know these reasons have changed. Somehow.. I always
knew it was good for something. My continuing curiosity
is to understand what that something is and how best to
go about achieving it. 

Oh yeah, Tracy replied to my 'what's up e mail' you know
the kinds of e mails you send just to make sure that you
got that persons e mail correct. Yeah.
She mentions my expediency with the response and how she
likes the blog.

Blogging. It's the perfect place to speak of the benefits
and day time realities of keeping track of ones life.

There is a box for describing your blog given in the forms.
I have no idea how to describe this blog yet. Well I do.
But I"m not fully decided on what to emphasize. 
I think it begs the question.. "What can anyone get by reading
about your life and work?" Anything? 

Classes are afoot. That means bedtime was like 30 minate ago.
Late as usually but doing good things and being excited about the
day and more possibilities makes me feel so much better.
I was in a slump for a long long time. 
Maybe I'm finally breaking out of it.

"I wanted a camera that demanded respect. I wasn't about to
start going all out for projects with a stupid consumer branded
thing. I wanted equipment that screamed I know what I'm doing.
I have that now."

There are more images but due to upload troble I was not able to put them here .... yet.
My new camera, just after I unwrapped it. I'm a happy guy. A frame from one of the image tests with the camera. I can appreciate the low light but clear image possiblites this machine offers. I had to use huge lights when I wanted an image half as good as this adn it was always a gamble over getting the distance just right. The ease and clarity that comes with this semi-pro dream is a breath of fresh resolution.
Not the best picure. No real subject of interest. It's just what I see when I turn my head to the left. Here's Jacob reading the manuel. Understanding it is trying on the nerves. See Jacobs computer for comparision purposes. My computer has come a ways. That doesn't mean it isn't a mess. And it likes to run only half of the time. The project makes me think twice about building robots. I've got to find a way to reduce the frustration in things like these. I take a picture of a camera with a camera.

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