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March 6, 2006 Monday 2:09 PM Challenge Norms

There are just somethings that I won't write about here.
I become more aware of such things

Last night Sadie remarked to me later after picking me
up that she had a movie star moment. She recognized me
from the movies and was like 'oh look there he is it's
that guy' and quickly realized that was dumb because
it was just Chris. I was amused.
I derive enjoyment from all the weird things that happen
when more and more of my life is digitized and up somewhere
on line.


Given the recent fall off in grades reported back to me I
realize I need to re evaluate what I'm doing here in college.
I'll have to write more on this topic later.
I'd write about the norms I'm challenging and new ideas
about how academia is run.

GPA Graph
I've been meaning to graph my GPA scores. I have a feeling
there will be a dip soon.

Telecom Trouble
33/56 on first mid term. I have a feeling that this Telecom
score will continue. It's different from the Programing languages
one in that the 72/100 is fluke. I know I can gather the above
82 points on the next two tests. I know it is still fesiable
to obtain such results where as in the Telecom class I do not
believe I can break highe scores. I'll have to investigate alternial

[insert Academic Article]


$ Credit and it's roll in my life
I think I'm missing 40 dollars in credit because the function
on the ATM machine doesn't work but might still have charged
me. I have to notify the bank.
But as for credits roll in my life... I need it in order to
purchase materials to build prototypes out of. With the
arrival of my new electronic skills it's coming time that
I build what I've always been thinking of. If not that then
at least design. That aspect needs some work as well.

I generaly keep track of scientific data. That is why it is
suprising that I've been so terrible with Bank Accounting and
things like that. I have a feeling it will improve though.
Though I think my first step is to kill the ants that are craweling
around on my papers.
I think I need to write my own program for this.

Clearly the start of self employment is building the reflex
to work every day and night. It's where it all begins and part
of that begining is this blog.

Sensitive Material?
I'm still grappling with what belongs in a blog.
What things should I censor? I've always done a sort
of censoring in my journal. Mostly, I would leave off names
and mention vague events and it was up to my memory to
fill in the blanks. Most of the time that doesn't work
very well though.

Still hasn't progressed outside of a few minor leads.
I'd much much prefer my own place. If I'm really lucky
that might be a place very near by.
Though I see multiple outcomes possible.
A. Find Another Roomate and Stay here

B. Find Another Place

C. Find a Single to resolve the issue for good.

D. Contingency? It's possible I can stay at KJ's place, or D street
or I forgot that other one for a short time.

This issue has been an issue for a very very long time.

~~ 11:00 PM Written while at Joy's place
Life is better when I acknowledge the fact I won't be living my full
life span. It puts things on a day to day basis you just can't realize

I noted as I sat at the Philly Cheese Stake place with friends,
that everyone whom that the world was going horribly wrong
and wanted to change it for the better had their own way
to get at the problem. Joy wants to become a teacher and
get the  next generation thinking.
As for I? I seem to have taken a survivalist solution.
Leave the world behind and make a safe place for myself.
It' simple. It's with in my power and I can do it sooner rather
than later.

But as I have mentioned before I might be able to do just one
small thing for society. If not anything else than examining
my own life for efficiency and determining how better to live it
might aide someone else. Maybe some ideas I work on
will inspire someone or maybe the system by which I work
out ideas will help someone thinking clearer.
I do not know. I do know that the me that was constantly feeding
on this idea of the future is starting to lose hold. And I think that
that might be a good thing. I have a feeling that the knowledge
that there is a tomorrow causes me to put off what I could do today.
The subtle and small fulfillment's of a day well done is all one really

11:00 PM
I walked back with the umbrella she said I should carry because it would
make her feel better knowing that I had it.
It didn't rain hard while I walked. Of the things that drifted through
my head I kept coming back to her. I hadn't seen her cry like that before.

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