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March 27 2006 3:24 PM 
Thinking You Know

To think you know when you do not is the great problem.
She said she didn't like the activity because she thought
she could learn nothing new from it. Ah. 
If you knew where you could learn and where you couldn't
learn then you must already know where and what you will
know and hence know already. That's impossible how can one
decide that there is nothing new to learn from this activity
before one attempts it. An open mind is required to learn the 
most from anything and everything in a day.

I know this because I've personally experienced or 
re experience Pre Calculus. Inside of the second round
with the supposedly same subject material I found and filled
numerous holes I had in my knowledge of the subject. 
I was never a person to believe that a class was worthless
based on the fact I had had it before. I just walk into every
situation with a mind ready to see what is the same and what
is different, and what I can do with what ever is presented.
3:30 PM
Again, I sit in a lab computer this time with out the emotional
weight I had the other time. I now know and accept the 
middles of Mondays and Wednesdays to have this large void of 
classes and while I may be tired sometimes it is good time
to have free for people are met, and ideas are thought.
I mentioned the time savings in the non walk before. 

With this particular day I spent a bit of it eating lunch
with Mandy and Joy in the 'J' It was a bit scheduled and I
remarked to myself how the simple act of scheduling plays on 
my nerves in such an interesting way. I have a love hate 
relationship with scheduled time. The downfalls I observed
were well illustrated this last weekend when things did not
go on when I thought they would. It can dampen an otherwise
peaceful and clear afternoon. However, I painfully recognize
the benefits when pulling off some large group endeavor.
Say.. movie production? yeah. 

It reminds me about the difference between a weekend day
and a school day. The scheduling is the difference. The fact
I will not get to wake up with a full night of sleep.
I'm not tired right now however... or maybe a little bit
it won't stop me from doing things. 

3:36 PM
I came to this lab from the Science building where I sat in 
during Joy's science class. I felt a bit awkward there but
the instructor didn't mind me being there and it was interesting
to sit in a class where I really didn't have to care about the
activities. It was like I was free to explore with out the stress
factor. More importantly I saw how everything else was presented.
There is more to write about this later but it's hot in the lab
and I know like 5 of the people around me and I'm not in a talking
mood so I best be off.

Genuine Moments Today was full of those. And even though it is late and I have earlier classes tommrow this day is very much worth writing about. ~technically written on the next day in the AM's~ Genuine Moments Today was full of those. And even though it is late and I have earlier classes tomorrow this day is very much worth writing about. It's in those truly real moments that real life is occurring. The emotion, the truth, the story is to complex to be captured in a single frame but if I were to pick on I'd say this was it. Only a slice, a sliver of the feeling to be there in person with someone feeling the emotion and the situation. To be real and alive is something.. sometimes the only thing one can aspire to. I enjoyed replaying those moments of my day. Even if I was just the one watching as real things were happening. This time I uploaded all the images first rather than typing first. It's different. I take enough pictures sometimes that I feel someday I'll just let them tell the story for once. No words required. I might title the entry No Words Required. ...Someday. Much has happened. I was tired for large cross section of the day as well. But wouldn't you know... I'm not as tired right now. I still have a shower to get to.. I feel the rest of my work can wait. The day was long but fulfilling. One can only dream life could go on like this. ... though there were aspects that had be a bit... well I got that scratchy feeling again. Like my soul was trapped and I was in one place but felt somehow I needed to be else where doing more. I could retrace the steps of today but someone it doesn't seem important to record. At the very end of it I got to spend time with Joy and it was Joyous.

Eating lunch with Joy and Mandy and others in the 'J'. We walk up stairs after eating. Mandy has to go home to get ready for her trip which involes flying out of here to a funeral.
I was invited to join Joy in her Science Activity. I got to watch as people discovered density and stuff. Here she is weighing pennies on a very sensitive scale. Next, a cool bath to find the volume. The instructor looks on with smiles as students begin to measure and cacluate. Just look at em all workin there. Aparently I'm noticed. My presence sticks out like a sore octopus. They tell me these coins were not coated by electroplating. I'm puzzled.
Later after I type in the computer lab I visit the depo. John hangs in the Depo. Quite the activist he be. Amanda the only other person I know with Tourette Syndromne. As a matter of fact she is part of the reason I was able to meet Joy.
After class I get picked up at library circle by Joy and Mandy. They are going to the airport and I'm along for the ride because Joy and I are going to see a lecture about the universe tonight and we are also taking care of Mandy's car. It just happened and I was there to capture just a piece of the moment. That's no where near all of it but it's something. Mandy was leaving on her trip. They realized I had them on camera and posed. But I know I caught that real moment before.
Only... we arrive to late to the lecture and the room is so packed you can't get in. Joy is sad. But I have a feeling my presence helped cheer her a little bit.

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