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Good to Have iSight

March 17, 2006 Friday 11:26 PM

After cutting up and uploading photos. 
That took 26 minates. Geesh. 

I got to see how they looked on a regular windows machine.
And they are all to dark. That's bad.

I have to do something about the gamma values I think.
But that's easier said than done.
The most exciting part of the day.. well momment was
when I spotted the FedEx truck and asked the guy
if he had delivered a package to my place. It was true.
So, I got the iSight camera. 
Da. I can't write right now. Don't know what it is. So
I'll wait.

"Kisses are just little I-love-you's that are said real fast"

~ tech later ~

Seems as though I haven't written. I was trying earlier
but I just couldn't. I don't think I have anything to say.
That's different than not writing an entry. it's just
that whatever I might have thought was important I forgot.

Notably I got the iSight Camera and I've been pretty excited
about it while experimenting with light and other conditions
for shooting.
After I biked to D street I called Alex and because he asked about seeing the place. So I decided to ride by his place. I'm out of breath by the time I reach the top of CreekView's hill. I knock on the door and Shirine lets me in. Alex is in his room with a lot of computer hardware. It makes the Matrix look like an 8 bit video arcade. Alex had gotten a new computer. That is one thin computer. Josh arrived soon after I had. A while later and we're all ready to head to my place. We all ride down to my place. I caught the light just right here. Bike troble. Well almost on our way. Never had ridden with other bike people before. Daniel comes out to talk with his fellow CS majors while eating cereal. Alex and Josh come. Alex and Josh go. They played a little pool after I showed them around. The day went from nice and Sunny to very stormy. I was glad that I had decided to walk out to the house after all. So, I danced about in the kitchen while Starfish was on the phone. People were back. I chat with Starfish. It's good to see her. She seems happy. Nancy hangs out. She had taken the bandage off her wrist for a bit. We're all hoping it's not broken. The famous bunny gets a treat. Awww. It's good to have the power to record uninterrupted. Now I can make my video tutorials that much easier.

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