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Hair Cut Finally

March 10, 2006 Friday 11:37 PM
I just got back in and suddenly I feel very very tired.
I've been walking quickly through the cold all day.
And at one house than other, than to restruant then
back then dancing with friends, than walking to stores
than to another hosue where I had to carry some heavy
stuff from their house to another house and then to
yet another house where I visited someone I hadn't gotten
to before. No wonder I'm tired.
And I wanted the heat so I tired the heater right on and
can't wait for it to warm up.

Earlier I got my haircut AND managged to get the credit
card thing straightend out.
I remember the night before Daniel mentioned that someone
was interseted in the place. So there is some progress though
I'm still interested to know just how many people would respod
if I put up some info about the place. It's good information
for next time.
Good to have my haircut FINALLY.

It hailed most of the day, and here you can just make out the white streaks bouncing off of my arm. It cleared up later in the day though.
I walk behind Sadie and Linda as they cross the bridge. The shot turned out fairly nice.
I enjoyed the fact that it cleared up as well as finally getting my haircut. Only problem was that he left my side burns on.
I had eaten earlier but I still went with Sadie, Marie and Linda to some Asia food place that I am not even going to attempt to spell here.
There was lots of stuff going on today. Much if involded walking all over the town in the cold cold air. It didn't help the fact I'm a bit sick. Ellie came by D street that night and I snagged this shot. Aww Ettlebird.

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