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March 4, 2006 Saturday 11:56 AM
I had woken up earlier feeling a bit in pain. But quickly
got over it. I spent the beginning of my day so far reading different
news articles about the world and the guy who is the movie voice.
I heard Jon Stewart was going to host Oscars. Though there was
a time in my life where I could watch TV this information now means
nothing to me. That adds to the fact I don't watch things like Emmys
anyway. I don't even know if I'm spelling that right. In fact,
I'm probably not.

One of my early morning thoughts was on journaling. I've noticed
that my journal has strange impacts on my life every so often.
They usually involve someone reading a bit of it and acting a different
way or much more likely I need to go back and look things up.
I've used it to write some nice birthday e mail cards.
I realized that now that I write to a more public location
there should be an even larger effect. Probably, something on par
with that time Amber mentioned fencing to me after she saw the
T. Giving Break movie. I remember that for a second I was like,
"What... How did you know I fenced?" She cited the movie and then
I realized just how much I enjoyed having people up to speed on
things before I ever have to explain anything.

I think it works like this.
If you cared to read about current happenings and a source for that
exists then I don't have to spend time troubling you with details
when I don't even know if you want to hear them.

The showcase of the things I work on, life included, motivated
me to continue to work on things with new vigor. Least that
hasn't died quite yet but when other stuff picks up I'm obviously
won't be spending 3.25 hours making movies about my day which
I suppose wasn't that intriguing anyway. In fact, what is more intriguing
is the simple idea that it's now out there embossed into the web
for anyone to come and gander at.

12:05 PM

1:01 PM
I should get a hair cut then eat. Then take care of academics
for the rest of the day. Rosie has yet to return book.
I had a feeling that was going down today. I need to call
her on it then or she was going to call me.

5:30 PM I needed that nap. I think I nearly feel entirely
asleep except that the phone rang right as I was dropping
off and then I was awake. I suppose that's a good thing
because A it was Rosie calling to return a book and B
I got up and noticed Amy's car was in the driveway
and I ran out to deliver a book I had borrowed from her.
Even Emon was out there walking in but I wasn't quick enough
to return a book to her. That's all right due to the fact
she's only one building over.
When Amy saw me hold the cooking book all presentation style
she laughed as well as Betty whom was in the passenger seat.
I didn't know what was so funny  but it would have been a great
reaction to get on tape.

Best be starting my homework. Rosie should be by as I get to it
pretty soon.

Transcripted Napkin note--
3/4/06 Coffee walked by, Kim and this guy I forgot the name of.
Lunch costed 6.06 I gave them perfect change
Wes and his family showed up
Had a kid since 2002? Was that correct?

7:12 PM
On my homework time stamping
I don't think he cares about how long it took you.

It's not for him to know it's for me to know and the
world to find out.

7:47 PM
It's very very windy and that means power could go out.
The lights have flickered a little here and there already.
I've been working on my Arch homework and I'm through a lot
of it. Not to hard. Not like I thought.

... the trick to getting stuff done on a weekend..
try not to think of it as a weekend.


oops I should utilize dinner making stuff before power goes out.
Power had just gone out than came back on. computer time says 8:57
but my red clock said 9 pm  
I have much academic progress to make.... But a lot of it doesn't
require power so that is good.

9:28 PM
I completed my arch homework writing quickly on the computer
and the power has stayed on for that.... if it goes out again
I think I'll take a walk. Obviously the whole deal would 
delay my ability to post. And I'm a bit against editing the 
footage I captured while the power fluctuates so really
I wouldn't want to cont. with it all.

10:45 PM
perhaps I'll have to put up the movie file later and post
now. Least then I have a place holder for today.

I was just dancing about listening to music and e mailing
this guy about getting in touch with another guy whom does 
music for this game that I want to use. Asking people
to use their music is a good thing. 
Also I realize I have no intro clips for anything nor any
where this movie came from inserts. 

I should have those.

The largest academic thing now is browsing a telecom book,
studying for a physics exam, or more so a how to build a computer
exam and the very hard homework that goes with it.

Now what were all those thoughts .. lights flickered again ....

I had thoughts. It turned out that when I walked
out to Stars after I found the hair cut place closed my 
Physics Professor the guy whom I have the difficult homework
from was there with is family. It was so strange to have 
this coincidence and then I remember I'm in a small town
which makes me think about the movie shooting possibilities.
With a small town there is a better probably of getting to film
in local businesses. That is a definite plus. 

I tend to write my ideas down on napkins when I'm in restaurants 
with out my own paper. One of the things was the fact that he said
i was the cause for why he was there. My mentioning of Stars
during last Thursdays lab got the idea in his head and he was 
talking about me. Then when he walks in he find I'm not eating
a hamburger. I'm eating chili fries. Go figure. 

Rosie did come back didn't she. It was fun to see her.
Even when I've been in for this other half of the day people
still manage to come by. That was cool. 

This entry seems to be jumping a bit more. That's how my journal
usually is. Though my journal is never never spell checked.
I wonder what percentage are miss spelled because I like the speed
of getting ideas out more than the re reading. 
It might even be likely that I type certain words incorrectly faster.
Some fingers tend to strike before others so the letters of the 
wind up as hte That happens because the h is hit before the t can 
be reached. Fascinating.

Dang I really wanted a haircut.
There were all these seagulls flying about over the parking lot I was walking in.

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