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Last Day of Break

March 19, 2006 Sunday 7:24 PM Last Day of Break
it's been a good ending to break. Though my 
telecomm assignment is now officially due tomorrow.
I hate waiting this long. Though I really couldn't
bring myself to work on it. 
Besides I think it will only take a an hour or so.
It's mostly writing up stuff. 
I need to have dinner before I do it. I think.

It was interesting toward the end. I felt encased .. far
to enclosed so I decided to walk out. I visited Kristina 
again. I saw her at the beginning of break and now at the end.

I'm getting more organized with my Life Data. I'm working
out a new system that I feel will work well for me.
I know there is no right way to journal one's life.
All I can do is demo my way and explain what I discover.
I'm interested in the trends, in the evolution of the use
of my journal. I think building the reflexes to use it
like I have will aide me in doing more with my time
and refocusing where necessary. The one distraction fighter.
It's late now. And I'd best be to bed. 

It's always sad when a break ends. I enjoyed the time.
And I must make mention of the fact that the biggest thing to 
happen was the keeping track of it. I hope that my
habit and resolve is strong enough now for the continuation
of this system. Though there are still problems.
On average I'm collecting 100 to 150 MB a day. That means
in one month I'll use up almost 4.5 GB That's not going
to work for me. So how do I solve this?
I see no easy way. It will require much more effort. I suppose
what movies I collect I can edit them all down and delete the rest
after saving the best to tape. I could work to form formal reviews
monthly in order to free up the projected 4.5 GB. 
I could burn the data to discs. I know not of the cost of that.
It's a lot of work but if pull any useful information from it
it will be worth it.

Oh yeah, I spoke with someone over the mic feature of iChat. 
I just randomly clicked it by accident and I was talking
with Bird from High school. Strange. that was right before
I walked out at night.

Image uploading is difficult for two reasons. One, the order
gets messed up and I have to spend a lot of time to fix it.
Two, it takes longer just to upload. 
If i placed things into one big picture than that would be best.
Or at least an alternative.

Bed time.

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