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March 22, 2006 Walk Around Day

March 22, 2006 Wednesday 1:33 PM Walk Around Day

[in a computer lab]

That is the conundrum. Though there may be
4 hours from 1 to 5 it's the restriction and the walk
time to prevents the efficient use of the time.

The thing is that I'm not tired. I could stay up. And if I was
tired I could sleep in the library. Though that isn't a comfortable.
Telecomm was a breeze today. And to think I was all 'man I 
don't want to have to do this' But I did learn some interesting
stuff. Good stuff. Stuff I should know for a variety of reasons.

I can't stand being away from my camera. Oh. I hope it's 

I didn't bring my still cam today because the batteries were dead.
I wound up seeing Whitney outside the library recording something
for a film class on a 8mm Film camera. She was doing one of those
time lapse exposures. I wanted a picture of the situation so bad.
I lamented the fact I didn't have my camera on me and working.
The still cam I mean.

1:36 PM

People are bad mouthing the mac right next to me. Ouch. 
I really feel hurt for some reason. LIke when someone insults your
girlfriend. Ugh. That metaphor just doesn't sound right. 

... I stat in STAT class thinking about that Greatest common factor thing..
Actually i was working something out about it on the chalk board.
I was working on it algebraically and noticing some interesting trends.
I keep wondering why those algorithms work in the first place. 
They must have been proven. I wonder what it looks like and I get
flashbacks to discrete math.

There are so many easy ways to make errors in probability. 
I think there is a tendency to jump to an equation and I know that was
one of the problems I noticed coming up for me sometimes and for
others much more. There was this one particular one with dice.
And the probability that to rolls would come up the same. Actually, 
it was a random number generator. Don't really feel like talking
about it right now do to the fact that this person has now gotten
into a loud conversation with someone next to me. 

I'm getting that scratchy I don' t know where I fit in feeling again.
Maybe it's because I was intending to go watch Empire of the Sun in 
the library but it was checked out. Grrr. Now since my plan was shot
and I'm rapidly losing the option to go home. It's not really a good option.
Though one has to get used to the staying on campus.

1:43 PM

2:08 PM It looks as though the computer labs have gotten extremely restrictive. I'm handicaped when I want to work on homework assignments for Computer Courses. My only options left are to burn things to disc from home and bring them here. No installs. No luck. Well, that option or asking for some sort of minual install per user basis. No root. That's not likely. 8:03 PM At Home Hmmp What if I did shift my gears? What if I do more than attempt what I originally set out to do. Things that are more for the people. What if? I could do that. Someday I could be in a good position to do it. ... I remember after leaving the lab I had a fairly large adventure. I think that's part of the reason I feel tired right now. I was looking at Final Cut HD that HSU has on it's G5's on campus. Actually, the one I was sitting at to be precise. And I got curious about the price. Rather than looking the price up online I decided to walk to the book store. Hadn't been there in a while and it felt better to be up and on my feet again. I found Ellie there. The same Ellie that had been involved in CCAT. And suddenly as we were leaving together I saw Rosie and we all stopped to talk for an extended amount of time. And then I walked with Rosie for a good long while. I spoke of many things. I was excited about enjoying the nice day. Something I wouldn't have done had I went straight home. I mentioned to her my ideas about determinism and how I was presented with the choice to walk with Ellie or Rosie. And I decided to walk with Rosie. And my day progressed from there. I noticed the scene looked like it came off the cover of one of HSU's Student Manuals. It was sunny, and partially cloudy and green and blooming and we're walking down this path in the middle of it all. I was overjoyed. In fact, that was how I felt the whole time I was walking with her today. It was fun. And she told me I had gotten her about more excited about the day. I really enjoyed the moment. The topic was about soil physics by the time she was getting on her bike to go else where in the world. It perked my interest. What with the robotic garden and all. ... I dropped in the South Campus market place and bought some Reeses. A byproduct of being on campus longer causes me to spend more. Regardless, a different Christina was there. One that lives next door. As I walked back from that I caught Jackie on her way to the children's center. It was here last day of work there. I think. I whipped out my red Memo pocket note book (the one Joy had bought me) and gave her my phone number again. Just in case. She wanted to see what the Hidden Creek Apartments looked like. That's where I came in. Talking with her lead me back in the direction of the SC market. Then I was walking back toward the library when I spotted Evan. I ventured with him to his Manor Room where i got to show him a few things about command line interfaces and he showed me a few things about this algebraic math program thing. I noticed I felt relaxed there. It was a nice temperature. And there was interesting discussions about open source and software tips. I believe he'll be up here for summer. Though I heard he was moving off campus with some friends. He had to go to class at 4 so I bid him fair-well and returned to the spot on the steps in front of the library. This was the place I kept coming back to. I knew class was only an hour away so I walked around a bit and went into the Depo. No one I really knew there. I decided to play some pool on the pool tables as ideas about movie methaphore slipped in and out of my head. I noticed the pool table was broken because the balls kept rolling out where the cue ball was suppose to go. I kept pushing them back in because if I had to pay a dollar to place this I wanted someone else to pay to. At that thought, I laughed to myself, then noticed Jed a fellow from the same Cypress suite was talking loudly among people from an entirely different' social circle. It made me think about the branching of social circles and how different it is for every person. I wonder what the network looks like? The implications of such knowledge could be quite amusing. Regardless, it wasn't a very satisfy game of pool and I struggled to get all the balls into the holes. I had to get my dollars worth. I left there feeling like the day was sort of getting into part to for my class time was nearing and I walked into the library one last time to find Shelly (Jackies twin sister and John) Pictures were taken though not by me and no digital. I had the reflex to get shots but since the battieries were dead in my camera I didn't bring it. I love collecting bits of the day that way. It's growing on me. it's 4:46 PM around this time that I sit with them on the bottom floor of the library. I leave them to go to class and after that ends I go home. Sometimes when I'm recalling my day real hard I get into this zen like state. By zen like state I mean staring into space kind of feeling. I'm focused. Very focused on getting the actives down and Replaying the day in my mind. Making note of feelings and decisions that came up. Also responses to things.

[Images Coming]

If KJ sents them to me.

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