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March 30, 2006

Katie 'hard' at work in STAT 108 Lab. Katie laughing for real when I tell her it' s not a picture it's movie. I note that this method really captures 'real smiles' I can even take a frame from 'fake' smile and compare the two. Hows that for Journal Side Effects? I think I should call those that. It's just a bunch of numbers now. This slide is all numbers and that means we have left English completely behind. That means everythings just that much harder to see. Assembly man. Yikes. I was working hard on some wiring when I heard Julies voice and looked up and there she was. Whoa what I suprise. I got up and ran over with my camera. She makes gesture of 'my gosh Chris it's not that amazing' But I know it is. Paul programs for the PIC chip. The microprocessor class I should have been in but my schedule forbids it. Sadie says no picture. I eat with friends at Ricos to celebrate the three day weekend. Liz catches me in the mirror as I snap this show to show that I am indeed getting all these images myself. Kristina kept telling me that I was doing a good job not looking like I take the pictures. It's like I have some stalker that follows me around. I'm told. I was wondering what the cake sitting on the D street Kitchen table was for. I was there at the momment it was being delivered to Kristina. Cool. She seems happy. Just relaxing in the dorm. Rap guys. They were in the Quad earlier. Good stuff. Ellie and Bonnie 'kick it' at the rap show in the 'J'

March 30, 2006 Thursday

~technically 11:27 on prev day ~
All these time things are getting to me because
I have to post this before I write that and it's
a hassle.
Regardless I noticed I need those 2 to 3 hours between
10 pm and 1 am to conclude a day. Figure what I've done,
and what I have to do for the next day. It's crucial
for the smooth running of my life. I notice when I miss
this important processing time my life feels erratic
and things tend to feel like they are getting away
from me.

10:37 PM
I began my jounral this year in a plain ASCII text
file. I told myself that I was going to use it
as a temporary place before I write my own software
for looking after the files. ... It's been
a long time and I'm still using this 'temporary' file.
But lately.. as I look over the last month. The month
that I began to use an online web logging service
held a new vantage point on my journaling.
I have the capacity to place images.
I have the capacity to capture video and place it.
I may still be using this plain text file but all
this extra stuff is so much more vibrant and adds
an extra dimension to reviewing the life of the past
month. I have nearly 23000 words this month.
There's something about being able to just scan over
all the images that really helps the memory.
Much more so than the just reading the text.

I notice that when people ask me how my day went or
how yesterday when I'm inclined to say, "It's all
written down" No one has to go and look but somehow
once I made all the information availableavailable in some form
I didn't see the point in speaking the things any more.
That is a very strange side effect.

I saw Joy today and she mentioned that she had read
yesterdays entry. I wasn't sure what part of the entry
her mind was emphasizing on. I began to talk about
information current to me. She keeps going I know.
She's heard it before but I've been deprived of the
chance to speak it verbally to her. I noted this
was also strange. It was like I wanted to tell her
and I kept talking and she keep saying 'I know' but
I wanted to just speak it. The fact she read up already
deprived me of my usual in person story telling.

I note that these are to sides of the same coin.
If I don't feel like talking about my day it's
"read the blog" if it's I want to talk about things
they say "I've heard that already"

These are very strange side effects indeed.

Today? What happened today?
Today, Thursday is my long day. I woke up and went to
take my Arch. Test. I think it went mostly well.
I'm glad and not very surprised. Then I had to go
directly to STAT lab. I have to catch up on an old lab
as well. But that went mostly well though I'm starting
to not understand some basic things. I sat there
listening to things I've already heard and noted
how much more freely I can re think about them.
Vastly different experience than I am used to.

Usually we get down with lab early and that's the time I
manage to go eat. So I did. And that's where I found
Joy and sat down with her for a short while to talk
and eat before I had to rush to Computer Building lab.
I made substantial progress and now when I come back on
Tuesday (hopefully with homework Done) I will just
be debugging programming. I did all the hardware.. carefully.
Wiring this.... it's a headache. I realized while I walked
out afterward that it was on par with doing multiplication
of 2 digit numbers in your head. When I tried to do that
earlier this month I kept having to remind myself of this
number than that number. Then remember what operation to do
then I'd forget the previous numbers and have to start reminding
Wiring is similar. I have pin numbers, and locations on the board
and tiny little text. And then I have to remember where this wire
goes and strip it. And then I have to keep counting pins and
look at the schematic and be 99% sure that I"m connecting what
I'm suppose to be connecting. It's a mess. But once I get into
it enough I gradually relax into the rythm. It's just always
hard at first. Painfully hard sometimes. I note that I as
well as others have moments where you just sit there...
and stare at the mess of wires going... ahh not this again.
Your mind struggles to turn off in order to avoid the mental
hoops it's about to have to jump through. And all the while
it's always ALWAYS better to spend 10 extra minates to get
it right the first time because if it doesn't work than the
problem could be hiding anywhere on a board with hundreds
of potentially flawed connections.

BUT after that class... I walk out in a daze and decided to
walk all the way down to D street despite the fact it is
drizzling. I find Sadie and Louis there. And we all go to
Ricos. I play guitar a bit. They give me a ride onto campus
where I visit Kristina and Liz. And Linda shows up to give
her a cake. I think to myself that was that cake from earlier
and now I'm in the area where it's being dished out. Aren't I
After which I'm walking down the hill find rappers in the
'J' and Ellie and Bonnie there. What a surprise.
Then I walk home and tend to those homely things that
are required for the clean and efffecient running of my
That includes the journal by the way.

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