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March 5, 2006 Sunday 11:01 AM
58.3 F When I wake up here. 
Forgot when I went to bed.

I remember walking up and thinking about things I haven't written.
An article called... Where do I fit in, in all this Mess?
It goes with the.... Will everything be okay?
Article I have yet to post.

I awoke to a calmer quiet outside. The wind had stopped and power
is fine. I think I'll fix up yesterdays movie clips and post 
the previous days movie then.

That is not something to do everyday. Takes to long. I recorded
that fact.

I wonder about the effects of keeping track of ones life. 
I'm most curious about the effect it has on motivation.
I realize that the focus is on the day which enhances 
the likeliness that I will do more with it. I just needed
something psychologically motivating to help me. 
Its strange but the fact I record it effects the daily events
and the daily events must include me recording the day.
So, doing this sort of thing a lot represents a huge shift
from nominal daily activities. 
I noticed the parallels between beginning this and starting
the journal back in 1999. I wrote everyday during that first
summer, and I've kept the journal every since. Well, with 
a few gaps here and there. But the writing reflex was ingrained
with in me after that summer. It grew stronger the more I did it
and I did it even more when I arrived at college somewhere
in 2003. I've always wanted to do more with it. It's why I 
poked at writing software to better track things in my life.
I would get glitches when the the document files would get 
to big and pictures would start being lost. 

The next phase was doing more with images and video clips.
But more so, I needed a space to put everything. I tend to back
up everything I put up. Considering the way I write and post.
I write in my regular journal.. then filter the entries into
things more suitable for posting. This means not everything I
write in the regular journal gets viewed. Though the regular
journal doesn't get to have clips or images in it.

11:15 AM   14 min  378 words 27 wpm  (when relaxed thoughtfully typing)

11:54 movie editing complete no sound though
12:04 music added and exporting

12:58 PM Note that 2 hours of the heater being on puts me at 72 deg F
That's a rise of 13.7 degrees in 117 min or .117 deg a minate.
Cost approx .40 dollars So I could say it's about 3 cents per degree
5.4 MJ of energy as well. Ah it's so nice in here now.
Though I think I could live with 70 just fine. I just didn't know
how I it could go or how long it would take. Now I can plan 
for staying in and how long I need to run the heater before
it's this way. 

So how long will it take to cool off?

Framework use moderately funky include paths (in the form of  
). You can either change every occurrence  
to SDL\SDL.h or you can dig around the project properties and add the  
path to the frameworks Headers directory to the "Header Search Paths"  
build setting. The latter method being the more "correct" way of  
doing things, but depending on how the project is laid out possibly  
more work.


On Mar 4, 2006, at 21:56, wrote:

> I'm trying to compile Blender from source
> after I find this Xcode project.
> And I add the SDL.framework but I still
> get a complaint on a line that says
> #include "SDL.h"
> where it doesn't think it's there.
> What should I do?
> -chris

If the errors in this program were a species they would 
be multiply happily. You make a few random changes trying
to compile without functionality and boom 69 errors.

6:47 PM
Yeah there was studying. And I just happened to walk down
to Safeway. And D street briefly before coming back here.
It's cold but I'm airing the room a bit.
59.7 deg

No need to take pictures of it all though I did have the camera
in my pocket. Some of the stuff just shouldn't be put online

I felt like writing some code for some circular arrays
earlier I think I'll do a little of it right now...

char inCircle[26];
char outCircle[26];
int  shift = 3; 
// from (int)'a' to  (int)'z' OR
int start = (int)'a';
int finish = (int)'z';
for(int i=0;i < 26;i++)
    inCircle[i] = (char)start+i; // works only if i starts at 0
    // I could make the outter circle the shift of the inner circle
    int turn = 0;
    if( ( start + i + shift )> 25)
        turn = ( start + i + shift ) % 26;
    outCircle[i] = (char)start+turn;
    if(i == finish) break;

/* init arrays with chars */
char cipher(char ch)
    // I realize array only circular if it deals with 
   // a shift value greater than 25 since shift 0 does nothing
    ch = inCircle[] 

As far as visuallizatin goes I'm not getting close
to any of the things that I can imagine. It's a shame.

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