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[Missed Entry]

March 18, 2006 Saturday [Missed Entry]
How do I handle those entries I miss? 
I have images and material from that day
but had written nothing. I have vague recollections
but not daily thoughts to write down.
How shall I handle days like these?
The way I always worked it out in my old journal
was to write in Missed Entry so that I know if I missed
a day. This leaves a place holder and a possibility 
to fill in blanks later. Though I'd never filled
in blanks before. I speak of it now because
I have things to post that are not writings for once.

I know I can't let the [Missed Day Debt] build to much.
This day happened to have ... can't seem to find the word
for it... activities that occupied my mind to much.
Enthralling distractions? Well, whenever that happens
it's a Miss Entry and sometimes when it's not.

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