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No Money Land

March 8, 2006 Wednesday  2:21 PM
They Have G5's on Campus now. I'm typing at one currently.
Large screens as well. Feels a bit more like home.
You know, I managed to walk to the haircut place only to
find out.... it WAS CLOSED. You know some interpret a sign
that says open from Mon to Sun as.. OPEN from MONDAY to SUNDAY.
What gives? This time I left a note that said e mail me.
Not that that would work.

I'm tired. I got up I went to lab. Technically I didn't have to go
but when I got up I read through the lab and decided I wanted to
be there to find out what this whole deal was about.
I'm tried enough to want to find a place to nap on campus rather
than go home. Part of that is that on these days there is enough
time to go home and do things and sleep and come back.
It is now 2:24 PM and my next class is at 5:00.   2.5 hours with
40 min taken to walking would be 40/60 or 2/3 of an hour
2.5 - .66 = 1.84 So I could go home and sleep... basically but then
I would be walking for a while. How could I use my time more effectivly?

Oh well, while in STAT 108 I got my test back. I'm glad it was 84/100
I needed some reassurents in some class that I was doing okay.
The physics test is sure to come back sobering.

I had written a few notes to talk about on my paper outside of the
probabilitiy rules. Intersting stuff.


After STAT class I attempted to get a sandwitch. Seeing the line
provoked me into decided to run an experiment in which case I
would come back in 10 or 15 minates on the theory that once people
were all settled back in class or late to their class I could get
my sandwitch line free.

It worked. I wanted to observe Marie in her new natural habitat
but Ruth was sitting close by so I spoke to her instead.
She is the one giving the presentation today. Simula is the language.

Where did I put those idea notes I had from in class?

I was remembering that thought experiment I had before I fell
asleep. I imagined just forgeting about money for a day.
Just everyone... as a country just happens to leave the concept
behind and go about their lives gaining and giving services with out
fee. So what would happen in this case?
[write later]

My day starts with waking up and going to the Telecom Lab. It is interesting stuff, least this time I was quite fasinated to hear about how we could explore how the internet is put together.

Alex and Jeff are in my group. We are all randomly selected.

Ruth in the Depo. The day continues and I talk with Ruth in the Depo before she is to give her presentation on Simula

Bill teaches people calculus before my Programming Language Class

After the class where Ruth presents I speak with Lacy in the library. I usually find her here and the conversation is always pleasent. She's on a mission this break. I wish her good luck.

While searching for the oldest joke in the book I ran out of time and had to go borrow it from the library. wink. wink.
This is one big book.

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