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Not Today

March 26, 2006 Sunday 11:51 PM Not Today
The day began slowly. Not long after I woke up Joy
called and I was talking to her with sleep in my voice.
Today was going to be the day I was going to get to see
the stump house. But....
It didn't happen. And I was sad. The interesting part was
I captured the moment when she said it was off on iSight.
It was after I started playing one guitar melody and 
then another more sadly after the call. It was strange
re watching the moment not more than a minate after it happened.
I noted how it felt like a much longer time than it was.

After that I talked with Joy asking her about science homework
that needed to be checked. She had asked me to come over
and check her work. She hadn't done it but I came anyway.
I came with my new buff camera. But before that I used it
to record a teleconference with my parents. I dreamt of
doing that for a while and I smile thinking about how I had
gotten it. Very cool. 

Anyway, I spent much of the night doing video test capturing
at Joy's place while she cleaned and then we went to have
dinner together at Phil Cheese Steak.. to which I find out that
they are not a big chain. That means I can prob... well perhaps
I'll have a chance to film there. It's a very good location
and dripping with potential. 

I'm glad the day picked up the way it did. It was pretty
sad to have something I was looking forward to not happen.

I called D street wondering where Emily was. She was there and no longer interested in todays planned endeavers. I paused for a moment after the call while wondering what I should do. And thinking odd of the fact that I had the playing, the phone call and then the moment after on tape. It was strange to see those few minates of my life replayed right after it happened. Eerie in a way. Playing guitar sadly after hearing from Emes.
I walk out later and find Daniel Walking back. I find the coincidence amusing. It's fairly likly considering he lives upstairs from me.
TeleChating with Family. It cheered me up. Even the sunsets look better with my camera. I enjoy them that much more. Congrats to Joy. She is one of the first to get to be shot with the improved capturing technology.

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