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Notice Before Arrival

March 12, 2006 Sunday 2:35 PM Notice Before Arrival
I was enraged by the ants and so I jumped into action to clean a portion of
my room. Ideas of documenting the things I had crept in. What do I have?
And why do I need it?
I have a small diversity of skills, hobbies and activities I partake in.
This requires me to have more stuff than the average person.
I have electronics tool boxes as well was regular tool boxes.
I have electronic project lab kits and other assorted apparatus as
well as a microscope. I have a variety of clothes that do not
get worn very often, but are kept around just in case.

When I first woke up I spent a deal of time reading news and searching
various small topics much of which included robotic research.
That was all before the ant attack and the last straw snapping in my brain
causing me to leap up and deal with it. I really hate the fact ants as well as
other little creatures are walking through my monitor from time to time.
And I'm even more annoyed because I do not know what sort of bugs they are.
Not the ants... the other things.

3:22 PM Talking to Amanda. I mentioned my dropping by.

9:44 PM
I'm back a bit more warmed up and have just finished teleChating
with my family and wishing my mom a happy birthday.
After getting back earlier I really wanted to get out again.
And so I did and it was nice.
But I happened to recently find out Shirine is staying up here.
She will be at the info desk. Maybe she will let me watch Doom
there because they have that privilege over break.

It was eerie to walk through the campus at night. No one around.
Two strange things happened, I happened to find out Julie's boyfriend
Paul and my mom have birthday March 12 And earlier I was almost not
going to go to the ATM but I did and I got cash for the dinner
and found these signs that said Credit machine broken. And I, for once,
was not out of luck. It was amazing the coincidences tonight.

I manage to fill these break days up with so many things. Earlier
I got to watch Rent with Amanda. It turned out to be a longer movie
than I had expected. I thought it might get dark before I left but it
was just about sunset and I enjoyed the ride. I like to reach out
with my hand and feel the wind flow through my fingers.
I like the gliding feeling and in one movie clip it's like I'm
cruising over the ground because you can't see the bike... just
the back of my jacket and helmet.
The movie clip of this is much more entertaining because it really looks like I'm just flying over the ground. My outter jacket is filling with wind so I look all puffed up. What sort of camera guy would I be if I didn't get a reverse, eh? Amanda lives near the Hospital, but before that there is this school where I took a short break to capture this image of the clouds and the parking lot. I didn't notice at the time but it looks like it's raining down there. I pass a typical Arcata street on the way to Amanda's Place. She has this cat. I'm allergic to cats so it spent it's time in her room while we watched Rent in the living room. I just happened that when I got back from my bike ride to her place I found another cat squirming around in front of the front steps. Again, the movie clip of this is much more entertaining. Amanda doesn't want to be in pictures so I sneakally got this one where she is mostly covered up. Hope she's okay with it. The house is pretty easy to find considering it's the only one with a 2 foot Palm Tree out front. The tree may be little but I know it thinks big. After most of the rest of the daily events I teleChat with my mom and wish her Happy Birthday. It's not fair that the cats are all in person but the dogs have to be broadcasted from home. This nose dog lives back in La Canada. I was hopeing to see some of those cows on this ride but I was happy to take this simple picture of the sunset. I almost wanted to set the camera down and ride my bike off into the distance but I thought leaving my digital still cam in the middle of the street wasn't such a good idea.

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