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March 3, 2006 Friday 11:16 PM
I notice how the psychological impact of my journal changes
when I write with the knowledge I'll be posting.
Some things just can not be written this way.
Also, I feel compelled to explain back ground.

As the movie clips of my day upload into my computer I 
remember the early morning thoughts of... Will I have 
anything to write or show by the end of this day?
I have to say that I, as always, never image I'd be
every I was through out the course of my day.

Almost 23 clips from every location and almost every person
I bumped into were collected. My cameras batteries were
dead before I could catch the last bits of social encounters
on the way home.

Looks like yet ANOTHER weekend that I am held captive by 
my academic work load. That's a shame. Life just can not
be lived the way I want it when I want it. I have to deal 
with this while my drive to do so waivers for the first
time ever. 

The homework and studying for most of my classes is not
easy. Least I don't have to write assembly programs for now.
That was annoyingly time consuming and hard. Assembly,
do you know what that is? This is the way computers used
to be programed in. It was one step above hard coding in 
1's and 0's of the machine language. It's not work in the park.
Especially given that a walk in the park is just that... walking.
Where as if it were more like assembly it would be like
      t  r1      ; Tell Right leg there is action coming
      mv f       ; Move into action register forward command
      syscall    ; Execute action to move right leg forward
      t  r2      ; Tell Left leg action coming
      mv f       ; Move action forward into action register
      syscall    ; Execute action
      beq u,dist ; Check if you are at your destination 
      goto cycle ; jump to cycle label above if not at dest

You get the idea. The simple things are very very drawn out.
And cryptic. I'm going to have to do a lot more of this before
the end of the semester. Well, not walking but assembly 
language programs. Makes me appreciate C all that much more.


I wake up sort of late and arrive at STAT 108 7 minates late.
That's all right though and I get the assignment and a lecture
on probability with stuff I've heard multiple times before.
This is my last math class in my college education. The only
one not required that I would love to have is ODE but I would
rather teach myself that instead. 

After class I walk into the Depo otherwise known as the place
I often get a lunch time sandwich because I do not have 
enough to walk all the way back to my apartment. I do not 
see Joy anywhere but I find her stuff by John and I decided
to wait to I find her before she goes to class.
She comes running up and hugs me. And she has completely
lost her voice but due to her social nature she continues
to attempt to talk with everyone. 
I think about but do not mind getting exposed to her germs
because my being around seems to make her so happy. 
She has to go to class and we had agreed that I would find
her after.
I escort her to Founders Hall otherwise know as the iconic
old building at HSU and then walk back in the Depo direction
to catch a sand-witch hoping that the line has gone down.
I do get it then walk with it back up to Founders where
I eat it while looking at the cloudy blue sky.

Joy gets out and I walk with her home. We were going to go 
to the fabric store so that she could get me to pick the 
kind of silk I like for new pajama pants. The effort requires
a car that doesn't happen to be there. This starts a trend
of bad luck things involving her getting hurt by the umbrella
among other things. She can not to me so I sing to her quickly
making up a song about all the things going wrong right now.
We arrive at library circle and wait inside of the bus stop
waiting thing.
Mandy calls and she comes to pick us up. Won't be taking the bus
then. I sit in the back watching road, cars and ocean go by.

Mandy and Joy laugh and talk together. Well, Joy attempts to talk
still and I add things here and there. The mall in Eureka is a 
place I had been to in a long long while. I like the fact there
is an arcade there but I haven't gotten to try out the games.
Anyway, I follow along to Hot Topic, Spencers gifts and some 
other store. I begin to wonder why the mall feels like it drains
all the energy from my body. Surely, it must be low blood sugar
but it wasn't that long since the lunch time sandwich.

Suddenly I spot Liz, Kristinas roommate randomly before entering
hot topic. It's such a coincidental happening that the fact that 
I got a video clip of it makes it all that much more fascinating.

We all leave the mall and go to this fabric store finally.
And I have to walk about feeling fabrics. Ultimately it was 
decided that replacement silk pant would be bought instead.
That's prob better anyway. 

Mandy is going to be late for a seminar so I have to leave with her
and Joy stays behind in the store. Mandy drops me of at Ricos Tacos
otherwise know as the place I LOVE to EAT by myself at. 
Only this time Nick shows up. And I get a clip of him.
This day is growing larger and larger as I mange to gather more and 
more clips. After Ricos I go and visit D street otherwise known
as the place were the friends I'm most comfortable with live and 
hang out. Also, I play guitar and drums with Sadie and Louis (if 
I spelled that right) I'm there long enough for the rest of the band
to show up and start band practise. The final clip I have was
the last one before the batteries in my camera die.

That is why the final bit of walking home and finding Kristina
and Kelsey isn't on tape. 

I've gotta say that is a big day. I can't be doing this everyday
nor does stuff like this happen everyday but when it does I'm 
always surprised by it.


So what did I think about?
I notice that when more and more social things go on I 
can't really think. Journaling can be done in a lot of 
different ways. I tend to write down events because when I 
first started the journal that was all I could do to keep
writing everyday. Then there were things like... well I want
to do this... or I hope I get to do that.... or other things
of that nature. Real thought doesn't usual filter in as often
but I read once that it was good to force one self to get
that sort of thing down. 
But considering it is 11:48 and I've been typing this basic
stuff for 32 minates I feel I should move on with life.
Considering that what I write is what I focus on and might
return to I should be more careful in choosing what to put down.
A focus of this manner should aide me in accomplishing things.
Least that's part of the idea that were going through my 
head as I walked home. 

... I have academics to get to and still want to edit a brief
movie together with what I captured today. 


Two ways to go about this.... I could do CLIP OF THE DAY type stuff.
I once did that. But then I'd prefer to spend a little more time
otherwise known as like an hour and a half of getting things nice.
But... whatever....
11:53 PM

Here's how the time break down goes for me to edit my day.
Let this be a lesson to all those people whom don't realize
just how long things take and why it's not a common thing
to do this sort of thing.

11:16 Began to write the primary text of the blog
      37 minates later
11:53 I have basic text complete 
      29 minates
12:22 Start thrashing together a rough Sound Track
      I gotta have music of some sort so... I just
      went through sample tracks in Garage Band
      and hashed together what I liked... 
      didn't turn out the best but at least I have sound

      33 minates of that AND Video editing
12:55 Mid way through
      13 minates
1:08  BREAK Geez 
      11 minates
1:19  Wrote the time down cause I can't belive it takes this long
      45 minates
2:04  DONE EDITING and shooting the talking inserts
      forgot to plug in teh good mic so the sounds 
      is bad. Dang.
      Running the conversion and export command to prepare
      for upload to net.
      18 minates
2:22  Video Upload complete and I've been editing the entry
      and typing the rest of this text
2:26  Completed typing the time work schedule (this thing)
      to show everyone how painful time can be
2:31  Fully Published to Web 
      195 minates later OR 3.25 hours 

I did this all the while knowing that if I stopped or tried to 
come back to it later it wouldn't get done. I know this about
myself. I know this because of that last thanksgiving break
that never quite got fully edited. 

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