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Return of the Class

March 20, 2006 Monday 11:38 PM Return of the Class
Well Class is back. But that's not the best parts of the day.
I decided to walk down to D street after prog langs.
And it turns out they were all going out to a restaurant.
Sadie spotted me up near the house while they were all down
at the end of the road.

I enjoyed my time and good fortune to get to eat out with
them. It was a bit expensive though. Everyone had distractions
once they were back at the house so I soon found reason to leave.

My hunger for Reeses brought me on campus, to the Cupboard
actually, and I bumped into Josh, Lauren and Tracy.
And so I hung out with them for some time up in Cypress.
It had been a long time since I had been in Cypress.
It was good to know people in the area again. 

I was tired for much of the day so I didn't to much other 
than tend to class. That's alright. The shock of returning
to classes has that effect. As well a the not being able
to sleep well the night before. This means I'm really
tired now. 

Hey it's these people. This is the second time I saw them today. What a coincidence. I enjoyed the time I got to talk with these people. It was different. It shook things up and I noticed I was talking a lot because they weren't saying much in between. Chatting with Tracy... the reverse shot. It's Josh again. I got to show Tracy the bunny musical via the net. The other movies I tried to show didn't come through. That is to bad. Well I guess it will have to be some other time. Some people enjoy it.
What would my day be with out weird potatos. They had them on this shelf above NES games. I know exactly when to take pictures in my day. Though I didn't get any image of dinner at Mazzities. spelling? eh.

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