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Thoughts Forgotten

March 2, 2006 Thursday 9:37 PM Thoughts Forgotten.

It's impossible to capture all the thoughts of a day.
Even a day that falls within the same basic framework
as it usually does when one has set classes, set times
and a set schedule. That doesn't mean it's not a very
unique day.

knowing that not everything can be recorded poses an
interesting question. How much time do I spend recording
my life? I can not record with out affecting the non recorded
time nor can I replay anything if I do not record.
I realize it can require hours if I really go for it.
But should I?

It's undetermined at this point.

Since I am in real danger of forgetting what I wanted
to write. ( I thought about what to write all day )
I may as well list categories.

The recent development? I have to pay my fellow apartment
dweller back for the power that my room heater consumes.
It's a huge drain and make an obvious difference on the
final bill. Since the current payment system works on a
'we both use an equal about of power' my heater affinity
has caused him to complain. I didn't concur.... until
after I calculated how much it costed.
Now I'm in real trouble because I'm cold. But that is
really only because I grew accustomed to being warm.
So what do I do? I can and have to pay the difference in heat
which means I have to time my use of the heater and estimate
the cost involved. The problem I have is not so much that
fact I now have to pay this off balance but the fact I do not
know how much it costs to get the temperature of my room to
where I loved it.
So I'm in this state where I'm cold but not that cold and
the thing preventing me from using the heater is a psychological
money orientated thing. I hate it.

While sitting at Stars Hamburgers, before my milk shake and
chili fries came I jotted down some terms I use here and there.

Board Session - when I've thought something out enough going to a 
chalk board
and thinking it over some more while writing ideas out helps me a lot.
I call them board sessions becausly usually I make a lot of progress.
I had one today.
It was a very productive one.

Thought Network - I used to do these mathematics and physis projects.
They required lots of thinking week after week. Over time my methods
 for thinking grew and one of those things was the thought network. 
It's a graphical view of how one idea leads to another and what connects 
to what. I do them sometime so that I can
get back to where I left off. This makes my thinking more productive because
I can quickly jump to the most important information.
Driller - a term I used once during a AIM conversation. 
I don't really use it all that often but it means thinking there 
was something there when there was not.
Or a search that turns up empty.
The Away Journal - anytime I am away from my home and tend to keep entries in
a laptop. They are called away journal entries and they are evntualy inserted
into my jounral. The jounral that I have kept off line for quite some time.
Think Session - another name for a board session Notice the spelling is board
not bored

Before my physics lab began I was sitting down at my lab
desk playing with an LED. (Light Emitting Diode) I had
it hooked up to the function generator and the oscilloscope
and was watching the square wave signal I was putting into
it until it started lighting up. I watched the blinking
as I increased the frequency until I could not spot
the flicker. I than got up turned off the lights and waved
it back and forth in my hand, again watching the blink
pattern that unfolded before me. It gave me an idea for
what to do for my extra credit project at the end of the
semester. I can work out the mathematics and spin a
bunch of LED's while passing the signals to it in such a
way as to create designs. I know this has been done before.
I wonder how patent protected it is. Not to worry for
my education purposes but if I wanted to make something to
sell I prob. could not.

The whole project reminded me of that time when I was little
and I watched this little spring door stopper twang back
and forth. As a little kid, I would pull the spring door
stopper back and watch at it looked like it had become two
with a dim version of itself traced out in the middle. I
remember wondering why it was dimmer in the middle and how

I thought it was because it was there for the least about
of time. Today the LED project stares back at me and I wonder
how I will calculate the signals for the LEDs to get a
nice looking display. it ought to be interesting. Especially
if I want a display with out having to buy a huge number
of LED's.

No luck. I brought up the fact I needed someone or else
I was going to have to move out of this place.
After I expressed the monetary amount required to live here
I was awaked all that much more to the dire consequences of
having a place on the upper end of the housing payment spectrum
of this town. What am I going to do? I need contingency plans.
I need someone or better yet I'd love to be lucky enough
to hear of a single opening nearby perhaps under the same land
lords as presently. A single would be a dream as there would
no longer be the threat of people moving about and I may
remain stable. Though the matter of food shopping would be a
bit of an issue but not something impossible. I was thinking
about placing a rack on my bike for such things.

That's the parts I generally forget and when I don't write
some days down it's because a lot happens during them.
Like I said, it's a big commitment to record one's day.
It takes a lot of time to do it. It happens to now be
10:01 PM and I have spent 25 minates writing this much.
That's not including the time I took to record myself
guitar playing.

If the article I wrote yesterday was up people would
understand why I look and play sadly here.
I was working out what I had to get on the two next
tests to pass a certain class. My camera died before
I could get a good line in so I'll just place a picture
from it here.


On on final note
I haven't yet posted a large thing I wrote the previous night
because I wanted to think it over a bit. It was such a big
deal. It has illustrates so many ways in which I am affected
by the world I decided to hold it off line until I was sure
it said want I wanted.

Oh yeah, I've got to add some site states to this thing to.

So much to do.

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