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The Turn in the Day

March 25, 2006 Saturday 3:28 PM The Turn in the Day

Monsters in my dream. Sort of an on going saga.

Anyway, the Deli owes me a penny. I gave them just one penny
over what it costed and they were completely out of pennies.
The guy looks down and pauses then looks up and says, "we owe
you a penny" and with a smile I go "that's okay" thinking to myslef
how odd. 
Later I find a penny  on the ground and I figure well that even's

Seems to be more missed entries lately. I've been pretty happy
this week. Exciting things are afoot. 

Speaking of interesting things it looks like a party is going to 
be going on next next door. I think I'll stop in.

11:06 PM The Turn in the Day

Days evolve as you live them. They start out so good.
Almost, illogically good and at some point something, some
internal gauge tips over and I begin to feel bad.
Not quite sick bad but scratchy again like I just had a 
couple of thoughts where someone was causing me anger and
suddenly my entire mood was brought down.
The day started out so uplifted. It was bright and sunny
and I was cleaning and talking to Emes over the phone.
Things were looking up. I was to go have dinner at Jumbolia.

Things were good until I got very hungry in the middle of the
day. And then made the decision to place some books in my 
backpack and head to Jumboliy where Emily promised to be at
work. I noted the walk was long and hard. And I wasn't 
my regular self as stormy thoughts rampaged through my brain
almost startling me at how I was coming down. 
When my blood sugar gets this low and the weight of the back
pack tugs me back my spirit crashes. 

Though the food was quite delishous. This one time I can taste
the food and it's really good I find that the meal requires
32 or so dollars. Well.. I took out money from the ATM
and it's all gone right after. This is why I don't go to places
like these. 

Anyway, it's almost unexplainable why my soul has been so pulled
down. But as for pulling it up? I have no idea how but to 
go back to my work somberly. Calling this day something other
than a misfire because things were down places were visited
laundry was down things were cleaned. yet.... some how
my brain turned over in the middle of the day and I just didn't
like being in my own skin. ... I think I could put it that way.

Hey it might even be because I was so happy earlier this week
that I'm coming off the joyousness. Figures.
I find my life moves in and out. It moves up and down.
There are periods of intense progress followed by lulls
and a general softening of my resolve. Then there are new
arrivals of waves of enthusiasm sparkling with adventure
and hope. Actively observing myself through the slumps
and the roll offs, the rises and falls, the trials and
the dramatic attempting, enhances the fact all that much
more vigorously.

Emily serves me some bread. She is the hostess for the night so I'm not waited on by her, but I see her all the same. It's so tasty. It's so gourme. It's so expensive it's to bad I can't come to Emily's work because of it.

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