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Typed voice handicapped

March 9,2006 Thursday 11:08 PM  typed voice handicapped
There has been a small break through in living condition.
Someone named Alex was looking Have yet to get into touch.
But sounds better than nothing.
I see that once 24 hours passes and I haven't written the 
rest of the entry down it can not be done.
My hands are so cold I can't seem to type right now.

I said fair well to Joy today. Won't see her for a while.

Oh my god... the security consul will vote over Iran 
what to do? So ladies and gentlemen this break....
the world makes some more frightening and rash decisions.
Go figure.

~ technically the next day
My hands are to cold for effective typing.
So my typed voice is handicapped and I'll
have to continue this later.

Joy, just before I got to say good bye.

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