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Wake Up to Spring Break

March 11, 2006 11:00 AM
I'm sort of up but might fall back to sleep if I feel like it.
No rush today because today is the first day I wake up on break.
Comparatively to that last last break. (The one before Christmas break)
this is going to be much more relaxing. I'm not attempting any
90 minate movies. But I might look back at what I did and re edit the
material into a look back thing.
I'm all for the day  now. I find I would rather do a series of simple
smaller more focused movies about the day than worrying about the big
picture. That system I had last time just didn't work.
Trying to get everything with out a clear vision showed me a lot
I believe I have forgotten what I wanted to write for yesterday but
the ideas are probably still around some where. I can get them
down later. I had a big day yesterday. And was exposed to numerous
different contagious people.
Before I write more or get on with today I'm going to post the old
entry from yesterday.
11:04 AM

... can not seem to access the page they might be doing maintenance...

I haven't decided upon how to handle every detail of keeping track of
all the information I am collecting. Clearly, my methods so far are not
clean enough for my desktop keeps being littered with icons.
I should resolve hard-drive space and organizational issues this week.
Also, I've been itching to review the Evolution of the Journal and how
my attitude toward it has changed as well as where it's kept.
Also, I find my use of certain symbols and timing information had changed.
By keeping track of so much for so long including doing movies I have the
privilege to rewind and review my life, seeing where things went astray
reminding myself of past thoughts and taking a look at where I am today, before
and where I need to be tomorrow. That is the beauty of the thing.
Things are quantifiable.

I remembed hearing someone speak of how they posted once. Then took
it down because their mind had changed. I thought it odd because that is not
how I thinking of the record. Sure, the mind will change but rather than destroy
evidence of thinking differently one could update with the new thoughts and
how they evolved from the past thoughts.

Still... I find it a large shift to type while thinking about others reading.
So, this changes a lot of how I used to type. I used to type faster with more
of an introspective feel plus I didn't worry about filling in any facts that
were obvious to me at the time. However, I realize that after looking at my
old journals all those 'obvious' facts are gone. And one has to explain everything
in order to be sure. That's why I suppose this is better for me. As well as having
to spend a little more time typing correctly and spell checking.

~ Technically written on the next day ~

I spent a great deal of the rest of the day at D Street after Linda picked me and
a bunch of 2 liter bottles up for the catapult. The catapult or trebuchet project
started a while back and the thing is nearly completion. I boosted 12 pages of
calculations for the thing. Let's hope they are correct. The beast that the thing is
is finally coming to life.

I really didn't want to do anything today. I just want to relax knowing I have a lot more
time to put everything in order before the end of the break. So, it's good to relax for
once. Still... I've poked at a few things. Picking up on Blender after having to put it down
for a great while. I recently as in in the last 2 hours recreated a lighter that I got from
Linda. I can never quite get materials right. If I finally got them I could do realistic stuff.
I'm sure over a break I'll be writing more. That is what usually happens. But not tonight.
Some other time.
Ah the catapult or er a Trebuchet .. spelling? Whatever. Good to see the thing coming together after a long term in inactivty. Mabye it will be up and flinging before the break is out. There is bound to be a movie about that.
The Mighty Beast stands erect.
Good thing that it can be folded to fit into a corner as well.
Some Assembly required of course.
Just look at the craftmenship of that base board. Julie cooked a fantastic stir fry tonight. It's such a change from my usual noodleish substances. I'm also thankful for the salad I got to eat. This has gotta help my sickness.
Sadie gets her hair styled. She is high maintence now. And she enjoys it. Guys dance upstairs while Sadie stands with her new hair style.
Marie looks to the camera thinking it's a picture when really I'm taking a movie and just decided which frames I want later. I like the choices because I can hand pick my favorite frame from a couple of seconds. It's what I have been doing this whole time.
Julie Milks the frig for a thirsty Patrick. Starfish knows him. I laughed pretty hard while watching this. I mean... c'mon she's milking the frig here! That was hilarious.
Toward the end of the night I accompany my apartmentmate to Taco Bell. Turns out it closes at 1 am. Whoa. Can you say night owl chow?
While I watch a movie I borrowed from Lacy I look at this lighter Linda Gave me and decided to recreate it in Blender. I placed the result along side the original. I've got a ways to go don't I?

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