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Without the Warmth of Friendship

March 13, 2006 Monday 12:51 PM Without the Warmth of Friendship

I wake up slowly thinking heavily.
I realize I can make endless lists for what to do in a day 
in a week... when ever.
I sneeze a couple times then roll over and spot some pages
of equations sitting near the foot of my bed. I pick them
up for examination and find some physics working I did while
at a party and a program for calculating the average distance
to the sides of a triangle. The program reminds me that I wanted
to give it a graphic confirmation. I need to write something
that shows the triangle and the actually lines going to the
I put the papers down and pick up this accounting book underneath it.
I have papers placed on the inside of the front cover.
They are about accounts I was thinking of keeping track of in my 
accounting program that I was going to write. I remembered how I 
was going to represent all the accounts and the flows as a graphical
and colorful layout so that it would be easier for people to see
their assets, expenditures and future income. I realized that today
columns of numbers make it hard for people to tell but if I 
put some graphics to it so that we could see proportion and 
color than it might be easier for a lot of people. 

I sit up in bed looking at the mirror while my heater casts its
warm wind on me. I review the post week or maybe more of my life.
And thinking about what I've posted to the blog. I realize the
images are becoming a fairly good cross section of what I do.
I have me in front of a chalk board working out equations.
I have me with various friends. I have screen shots of programs
I work on. I have images of a catapult I designed and am building.

I felt a bit hopeless for a moment while realizing that I could
make an endless list of things to do. Part of being able to do 
things is remembering them. Everything from the triangle project
to Blender Video Tutorials have to be noted somewhere for me to 
come back to them. Lists of things should be made even if I can 
not or will not do them all. I tend to see long lists pestering me
after a while. I see them mocking me for I have not accomplished them.
But documentation needs to exist before anything can be done so
I'd live with a long list. 
The other fact that sometimes bugs me is that I think of so many
more things than I actually get to do. Especially when it comes to 
movies. I have many many idea for movies. I have creative ideas
for movies but they get lost, or written down and filed away, or
I get motivated but not enough to carry me through the whole
process so things get plain forgotten. It drives me crazy sometimes
to know that what ever movie I can show people isn't any where near
what I have dreamt up. Their plain unrepresentative of my 
current capability. 
They will have to be made... or else the lists are going to go 
on for a long long time.

9:59 PM
What a sinus headache. It hurts so much. I'd better just keep
myself warm and rested for the next day or so because it's to 
much trouble to go out and be cold and wet. 

I managed to walk to D street in only a mild to moderately strong
drizzle with it picking up to full down pour after I was safely
inside the cold dead house of D street. The only living creature
other than me was the bunny and I suppose whatever pests they have
moving about in the place. I know that the temperature was low as it
has probably always been but the conditions are down right 
inhospitable with out even friends to take your mind off of these
sorts of things. I realize that I don't mind the cold when there are
people moving about. It is a much colder place without the warmth
of friendship.

I left that house and walked into the J. I decided to visit Shirine
because I knew she was back and so I marched up the hill.
Again the rain had subsided for a while. I've been lucky today
that I managed to walk only at these times.
I knocked on the door and smiled as Shirine answered. She had
been watching Nassica of the Valley of the Wind. I came in
mentioning my headache while sitting down abruptly. 
It was noted a while later that I had the DVD with the documentary
on Studio Gilibi. spelling?  Even later it was established that she
could borrow it if I could borrow the photoshop book from her.

She had to go to work but this only meant following her down the hill
to the info desk of the J. I spent many hours there talking to her,
talking to these other guys, laughing and feeling well headachy.
I figured what I had to walk back to wasn't that great and besides
it was still raining out. By the time I did leave the rain had again
subsided. And I parted with a silent good bye. 

Fair-well Shirine. I'll read the links you sent me. 

Regrettably I did not get some shots of Alex and his computers.
It was confirmed that this was indeed the Alex that was interested
in moving in here. He needs to see the place though so at some point
later in this break that will occur. 

I will never cease to be amazed at the fact days unfold into days.
I wake up each day thinking... what? There isn't going to be anything
to see. But you know... these things just happen. As long as I walk out
there will always be something. ... Something.

D street House stands proud.
Go to D street. No one there? Play guitar. Yes. Crank it up.
Your choice of guitars. Actually, I can only really use one of them.
Meet Shirine... mm not enough light.
Shirine at work... well begining to work actually.
Meet Evan... one of the only people to have an intro on the old Chris World pages. He deserves a second intro because he is a guy I can always bring a math question to. It's good to know some people understand me sometimes.
Everyone comes and hangs out at the info desk every once in a while.
The guys ping some pong a bit before they play the next game. The ping pong ball actually broke while they were playing. Joey gets ready for the game.
Evan breaks.
The mighty break
The battle rages on. I think Joey beat him 3 times. Joey the bigger guy.
It's much easier to see her good looks with light. I had this image of a ship flying through space while spiraling diamond
dust trails. Eh.

There are more images but... eh it takes so long to do this I don't feel like setting them up. I did forget to mention I saw Coffee on the way to D Street. I was supose to e mail her. Oh yeah.

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