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April 1, 2006

April 1, 2006 

The Human Condition
Joy is a good person. How good? She'll go way out of 
the way to help a weary traveler. My god. I no nothing
of people. There's a whole world of people I close
myself to. 

The Subway Girl
She was very very nice to me and served me at closing
time. I really appreciated that and decided she deserved
some sort of note. 

Dear Cass,

Thank you so much for serving me after/at closing time.
I really appreciated it. I noted later that you seemed
like you were having a long hard day and i wanted to make
sure you knew how much I appreciated your kindness and
unrelentlous cheer. 

You seem like the sort of person that will never let
their spirit break. I applaud you for you efforts
to reach out to people everyday and wish you all the
best in your special Subway career. 

You serve a greater purpose in this world than just
making sandwiches. You add that extra seasing of caring.

Keep it up my friend.

And I'll see ya at Subway.


Chris B Stones
"At your service"

[ps this is not a flirting note this is an outstanding
declaration of the truth]

Homework is not getting done this weekend.
Adverse effects? Monday will be hard. Sunday I'll
be in all day. 
I'm surprise I'm back at Joy's place. 

Human condition. I am amazed at Joy still. Someone with so 
much heart. She spoke of helping people. Her actions and
her voice speak together... perhaps more of the world will

Much is not being written down. I know this. I know
I can not

If pain comes from nerve endings and must register
higher on the brain levels then do Cells feel pain?
Do Cells feel pain?

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