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April 21, 2006 Friday

April 21, 2006 Friday

What can I say. I thought the day was going to be a lot more diff.
but it went alright though I didn't work on the computer. I suppose
there is quite a bit of reflection to work on this weekend.
Re eval. things. I've been excited lately to be getting so much working.

mm there has been a lot of drama lately .. man social drama this wasn't
always that way. I usually leave D street much much sooner.

There was this moment when I was in the house alone.
Actually, I went to visit and no one was there. So I went to Ricos
and accidently ordered both things to go. But I wanted to stay
and I didn't know why i was doing something I didn't want to do.
But I did and I walked out with my to go to go back to  a house
I was locked out of. And so I sat on the front steps eating my
burrito and waiting. And who should come by? But Linda. And she
was locked out as well. And so she helped me get through the window
to the bathroom and I unlocked the door to let her in. it was
fun. Really. And so I was at the house alone for a while because
everyone was going out to a party. And I remember just sitting
and watching the afternoon turn to night and playing guitar
and the funny thing was.. I was actually using the scale to pick
out the notes for that song I always sing to myself. Before I was
ripping away at this melody I really liked. A college theme song
I thought. What a nice sound. It was just right and so I get up
and played it on electric while imaging various accompany with drums
coming in at just the right moments. It was great really.
I spent some more time betting programs installed on the USB key.

Images from the not so crazy part of the day. Make a weird face. It looks like I'm talking about something. Just picking someone up. They are very good friends. But you can't tell from any of these images I guess.

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