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April 26, 2006

April 26, 2006 Wednesday 12:48 AM
Why is this so entertaining to watch?
It really prove that you can have all your action in
the dialog.

2:54 PM

I don't now if coming home and getting into an hour long debate
over the extra 1/2 in my simulation algorithm was very relaxing.
... I have learned to quell my rising anger during 'discussions'
more than I ever could before. But don't anyone push me.
I'm not made for those spur of the moment arguments over physics
ideas. Just let me work alone and I'll correspond as I care to do

I'm informed that the land lord finds it amazing that our rent
checks are the only ones split up. I'd say fewer checks over all
are written. The PE and G bill needs to get paid but Daniel
will leave.

... Man ... referring to earlier.. I hate social awkwardness.
And it always stays with me for like 10 minates after the event
unfolds. And then I feel so bad about it. Or like it I just want
to get out of the public eye so I pull down my hat over my eyes
and stop looking around. .. just get me away.

I have to prepare for physics lab. And by that attach something
to a motor. But with what? I wish I had my erector set up here.
That would have been the simplest solution.

It dawns on me I'm not working from any schematic so anything
I produce must all be me... this requires some research. Research
I seem to be delaying myself on.

3:24 PM
No where in this book is there a function of torque depending
on voltage and current. What is that function? Or maybe I should
just figure out what experiment I'm going to run and deal with
that later.

3:58 PM
It's not talking to myself. It's me imaging talking to other
people whom are not there yet. By the way I started an Audio
journal just now. Least that's the thought. Now that I have
a lovable way to recordy crystal audio. I'm all good with it.
I imaged producing a car CD with my musings, music and other
assorted ideas. Nothing special just... the usual.

I could prob record my talking while I write and compare the
to as a sample study. mmm

9:00 PM
I conducted a bit of an experiment today. I went down and spent
about 5 to 8 dollars at Safeway and noted the amount of food I
got. I also noted that 3.28 or so was for a can of chicken
corn soup which is the most filling of all the soups there.
That's only 2 dollars if not less under a standard dish at
a resturant but then I don't even get the 2 liter soda.
.... so I noticed that it's a lot better to make several
smaller trips because I can keep buying the smaller fresher
things like vetchtables which won't go bad to fast because
I'll be eating them on demand. I can make those stir frys

I came back from D street early tonight because I knew I had
to prep for tomorrows lab because it was my own stuff.
This is much much different I know.

I still don't know what to do for Sadies B day and I'm running
out of time. Oh Sadie. Because I don't have time tomorrow really.
mmmmm looks like I will have to resort to a much simpler thing.
Linda brought up the poss. of a Saying Good Bye to Eme's movie.
I thought 'yeah' but I don't have a lot of source footage to use.
Grab a few interviews. Find that towel clip. Some drummer clips.

11:51 PM
I didn't realize it.... Starting to really love someone again.
Just a little bit... because I'm beginning to notice slight
shifts in my feelings. In those tingly sensations that
I hadn't felt in a long long time.

It's great when the program runs the very first time you run it. I mean it just worked. I always seem to just get things to work with python. Me likely. I did this rocket bat a while back. I didn't know it was going to be a rocket bat but as soon as the ears were there I was like, "mmm rocket bat" I should animate it someday.

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