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April 28, 2006

April 28, 2006 Friday 9:45 PM

After thinking hard about physics for a solid couple of hours
this little movie I found eased my brain...

note: if you link to a movie hosted by youtube your location
shows up on their page. Interesting.

I'm al frazzled. All frazzled. And I had thought that finally
getting to do my own projects would have me relaxed. But I have
a huge deficent of points and I need to win them back... mmm
I really wish I hadn't pulled out those busgive place holders.
I would be fine with myself right now. 

Though I have a strange urge to want to explain those equations
I posted yesterday.... I already spent much of today trying
to edit a birthday movie for SadieBird. But it won't export
and it's getting me stressed. Welp, it was the best I could do 
for now and if she needs to come to see it than so be it because
I've got to take care of other things.

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