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Ooooo Pretty. Looks like the O'Scope is good for something after all.

April 7, 2006 Friday
April 8, 2006 Saturday
April 9, 2006 Sunday 10:15 AM Combo Entries
It was a big day. I had brought my semiPro Camera to school.
Because there 'was' to be a coin lab I wanted movie of.
But it was cancelled due to unreliable correspondence.

I tend to turn down a lot of invitations to places.
Every once in a while I decide what the hell, I"ll just
go anyway even if i don't really feel like it.
Those times that I decide to just go... generally turn out
bad. Just like this time consequently.
Though I will abstain from relaying the full details of the
night to the web audience I will say it was unfortunate that my
female friend got so sick. I didn't have anything of-course.
The only fun part of the whole night was getting several
bulls eye's in a row on the dart board. This was by myself
of course... that is until Julie came over and played with me.
I wasn't feeling the best that night ether and that just
compounded all the problems.
I have to say though... at least things turned out okay
but that night I was in agony over having broken a promise
to one of my dearest friends. All thoughs involved in this
night and that are close with in my life can take their
guesses at what I allude to here.
By something like noon-ish the next day I was completely
drained by emotionally and physically from the strain of
emotional tensions. I'm glad that is all behind me.
Now it only serves as a case to re think how I view
my social situations and reaffirm the fact that I,
Hate going to Bars.


Didn't sleep well.
Due to previous nights events. This really throws my
system off. I think it's part of the reason I demand myself
to settle in and get back on track tonight (Monday presently)

The whole day was practically spent at D street and and Joy's
place. I found myself very very tired. Band practice
did occur finally. Joy appreciated that it had gone on.
That was what she had come the night before for.

One would think that a reasonable expectation for a weekend
is that it would have sleep in it... one would think.
But not quite least not very good sleep.
And the fact there was so much emotional strain on me
Friday Night... it was almost unbearable.

I hadn't felt that way in a long long time.
I was literally shaking in agony at the thoughts I was having.
The only thing that temporally made me feel better was imaging
there was no one else in the world and I would not have to
suffer repercussions for any of my actions and decisions.
LIke I could wipe the slate clean and start over.

Things didn't turn out to be o bad though. But it feel horrible
and was difficult to come back and do the right thing.
I was so sorry to that person. And she was/is so understanding.

I have a meeting to attend at 1 today and I'm tired for even this
previous night where I kept waking up and falling back to sleep
over and over again.

April 10, 2006 Monday 2:16 PM
There are reasons for missing entries.
The main one is that the day spills over into the night.
Entries are not made if I'm not back at my command center among
all my tools from which I can touch base with.
Returning to the Center is the need to re align myself
with what I'm trying to do and what I need to do next.
With out this re-centering every night or so I begin
to get a bit fraggled. And I know I've already missed
out on reviewing a lot of information.

I can say that the whole weekend had many dramatic and emotional
moments. It didn't involde me drinking of course but a close friend
of my did and she got very sick. The train of events happened
to lead to me breaking a promise I made to her. And then I couldn't
sleep Friday night because of it. I had to come talk to her the next
day.... with all that did happen it felt like a very long
weekend. Not really entirely relaxing but very very eventful
and there was even a point where I got a bit upset after conversing
along at a resteruant with Joy and Sadie there. That hadn't happened
in a long time.

before I left campus today I found an e mail from Jacob.
I checked the  e mails on campus in case there was anything
or anyone I should go talk. Technically I was thinking about
prof. and getting magic numbers, but I visited Jacob
in the lab had he sounded interested in helping me with
the final calculations for the Trebuchet. With his help
I could not only achieve the thing but learn a bit about some
higher mathematics. Not to high that I couldn't figure it out

Stuff was filmed on Friday and I'm .. well was... a bit more
eager to edit it now I'm curious to see how my editing will
bring stuff out. I wanted to try the sort of editing from

All but Maries DVD's have been returned. Did that all happen this
weekend? Must have.

the most exciting part of the day was waking up gradually from
nap and then suddenly realizing I had a meeting to get to
for course advising. And I knew the only way to get there on time
was to pedal there. So jumped up and scurried around until I
arrived Sharons office. I was breathing pretty hard after
running up stairs but I regained my composure by the time
she opened the door. She had been on the phone talking to
someone. The meeting went well and I have a few checks and
adjustments to make on my schedule but things look .. okay.
The challenge is the courses themselves.

There is prolog and old scheme homework to do

There is stat work to get to I suppose
and PHysics homework to touch up and to look at the next one

Telecom research project is beginning. That class is still a mess
for me.
But it's good to know the stuff.

Jacob's interest in the Trebuchet rekindled my motivation to
work out the Final Equation. The Final Equation and
the full log of what I did on the project and the history
from what I could remember should exist someday. It's an
interesting case in actually doing things that I work on
on paper first.

after class I felt like cruising across Arcata.
Having a bike makes walking a breeze. It even changes
the dynamics of

....10:07 PM
I hate turning Joy down for visits.
It's fun to be with her.
But I had a pretty disorienting weekend and I felt
not only did I have to make sure my academics is in order
but also the rest of my life.
Still... I feel sad. Just a little bit for not getting
to go over and see Joy.

If things are missed there are reasons.
Due to the fact the journal is never placed before the life
things get missed. Life is always before the journal.
If there is a choice between going and doing something
than that is done rather than spending the time to write
before the next set of events takes place.
That's just the plain right kind of attitude to take
towards things.
though I admit I break the rule just for tonight.
I speak of walking over to Joy's. I need to re align
myself again. It may be 10:21 PM
It's a bit like running maintenance on a computer.
There are programs set up to repair problems and I have
to run a few of those right now.
Man, I've gone on about this far to long.

I'd place the images in order.. if I knew what order they went in. Watching TV in the future? Or just a pair of sound proof headphones. Americans are so creative with chow sticks... it makes you wonder what the Asians are capable of.. I mean they've had them for much much longer I bet the figured out all sorts of neat tricks. Yeah. I saw the light on her face and just had to get this.
Can't resist a shot of Emes. Things were not going well the night before this was taken. While the band plays as Joy watches down the hall I look out the window at the light feeling .... well just look. D Street gathers yet again. Eme's signs Nancy's cast.
I helped Erin with this herb image project. More herbs after I helped Erin (from CCAT) take pictures of the herb spirl had not been to CCAT in a long long time. Look closely at the coins on the ground. Would you pick them up? That's a quarter, 3 dimes and a penny. Good times in lab. Well, actually it was senior lab and I just happened to come in to work on my sad excuse for a computer. Joy is being amused by Bob and Tyler. Ooooo Pretty. Looks like the O'Scope is good for something after all. Oh no.. look at that placement of arm by Bob. Merely leaning stabilitiy or something more.... ooooo. I'm suprised I do not have more images of these days. To much happend there seems like there should be much more. And I didn't even get a shot of spotting Marshmallow and her family at Ricos today. But it's not that I forgot it's just I didnt' want to bother them about it. That pervious night I find a mirror this is broken and it would have been a nice attempt at a more artistic effect had I not gotten the camera in the way. Trying to portray my mood here people c'mon.

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