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Days are two short

April 15, 2006 Saturday 11:44 AM
Written with Nvu.

Generally I do not use html editors like these but
they save me time when I want to place stuff up that
is in script format.

The last time I ran Nvu it kept crashing on me so I
stopped working in it. It runs fine on WindowsXP

That's why, as of the writing of this, I'm downloading
a more recent version with hopes that maybe it will
be a bit more stable.

Though I own BBEdit I gravitate
toward tools that everyone can use.
I'd rather have the abilities to share
my knowledge of them and help others
get started in them.

Nvu handles all the basics and speeds
the process of writing into web readable
script format.


We hear CLACKING as CHRIS, our protagonist
and multiskilled college student types

While typing.

        I know I'm only suppose to use DAY or NIGHT
        inside of the location specification but
        I figure if I write script I'm the one who
        is going to be filming them.

Turns to Camera.

            CHRIS (Cont.)
        Which means I encode all the extra commands
        I feel like because I'm the one who makes use
        of it. Scripts are blueprints for me.


            CHRIS (Cont.)
        Not communication tools for Hollywood
        Also, I just love the fact that grammerical
        and spelling no longer matter for the end
        product. I ain't no novel writer.
        I make movies! Dang it.

Having said that Chris goes back to typing with
out audio verbiage.

                                            CUT TO:

I grew tired of placing all my text between <pre> tags in html.
It made the font way to small on windows machines with Explorer.
I'm glad I'm able to explain that with out all the hassle of  getting
the < symbol to show up. I would have to look up the code for
it which looks like &lt;   That's a relief  I shy ed away from editors like
this for far to long. The end result is much much nicer for everyone.

12:29 PM
If a script is the heart of a movie project than what else is needed for the
production to continue?
If I wrote a web application to aide in movie development and team
communication what features should it have? And would it be
worth it?

Imagine... logging into the secure pages of your movie production.
Placing versions of the script up to be seen and printed out by the
whole team.
A comment system could be in place for feed back and discussion
of the material.

The production schedule
the availability calculator
The credits list
An encoded version of the final movie plus a public trailer page.
If this hasn't been done already I'd love to do it.
But I'd feel a bit bad if someone came read this idea and decided they
would do it before I got a chance. Luckily not that many people read this
anyway.  It's one of those things I should probably keep secret but it doesn't
really matter because if I design it it's more for me than anything else.

2:05 AM oops ( the next day)

I have a friend I can spend hours with and not
even notice. The day is never long enough when
I am with her. And although she is very sick
I stayed with her for the entire rest of the
day. If I can catch it then I prob. will.
But I've had a sore throat for a number of
days already so any worse might be something
I already have. Or maybe.. I was exposed
to her on that other day when she was just
beginning to get sick and now we are both
progressing through the same sickness only
she is feeling worse than I. Could that be?
    That would be an interesting experiment.
Find twins and give them a cold and study
the differences in getting better.
Something on my tongue tastes horrible. yack.

Oh yeah, I heard people from New Zealand and
Italy had visited the blog. What up people
from all across the world. Do e mail me
if you care to.

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