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April 19, 2006 Wednesday 2:52 PM

I really have to get away from this temp file. It's getting

increasingly difficult to keep it's contents equal to all the

other places I keep the files. I'm gradually switching directly

to HTML in yet another metamorphisis.

Speaking of metamorphasis the Journal Effects increased drastically

once the journal was able to be read by more people. I must

say it's a pleasant surprise but not an entirely unpredictable


Applications of Computers to Things?

Instead of trying to give an example of computer scientists

applying computational methods to problems let me offer

a simpler more comical one.

I'm a Hammerist. I hammer things with my hammer and I see

how hammer can be applied to other things.

I note that sometimes when I hammer things the results are

good and other times when I hammer things the results are

bad. For example, I hammered out the dents in my sheet metal

mail box. Result? Good.

I hammered out the dents in my neibours pet squirrel...

bad results.

So applying the hammerist attitude toward everything may or

may not be the best idea.

Now just replace the hammerings with computer computations and

such minus the squirrel part and you got the plight of the study

of the application of computers to various problems.

2:52 PM

I must say it's much more pleasant to type at home rather

than hang about on campus. It had been awhile since I've

been home on these days. I had good reason to come home for

I had to take care many lease details and call the land lord.

Those have been done and I'm waiting for reply from update

e mails I sent out.

There happens to be a deadline coming up on Friday that I've

known but suddenly was turned into a much more than we

(my group) thought it was. It can't be this way. I have a feeling

were just submitting what the original document is telling us

to. ... It's all the same to me I'm re taking telecom.

I'll know and be much more prepared for both the topic and

the professors 'teaching' style.

Before I look up my articles for today 'again'

I'll get back to work on the Attachment deciphering idea

which I'm now calling Revive! For it revives those

frozen binarys pdfs and other files I choose to embed

in my blog pages.

3:38 PM

Now that was a lot of progress. I have a feeling if I come

back tonight on time I'll have a fresh new useful php

script just waiting to allow me to share that much more of

my stuff with people. Neat-o.

==== insert from writing in a lab =====

I usually don't find solutions that fast.

After I had gone to bed for the night Daniel

came down and knocked on my door. Curious to see

what it was about I got up to speak with him.

He had a geometrical problem he needed to solve in

order to write a border function for Blender.

I couldn't not believe it didn't have a border function.

Thought I had seen one before but it turns out that

the Bevel command just doesn't cut it when it comes

to making borders. mmm

My computer was off but the whole thing made me want to

stay awake and work it over. I had to sleep... so

today after the lecture on Memory Mang in class I got

up and solved the problem on the board. I had made a note

about the sort of solution I thought it was going to be

earlier in the day but it wasn't till then that I

figured out all my reasoning more clearly.

And it's not very common to have completely defined a good

answer at the end of a board session.

But I did.

And then later while chatting with Lace in the library

I made a few adjustments and realized there was one last

trick to be solved.

These days I learn a lot. I even read a lot. And write a lot.

... very different from the past.

Today something interesting happened.

Something was Found before it was Lost

Found Before Lost

Katie (oct) had lost her wallet earlier in the day before

she went to work. While I stood at the desk with Lacy

a fellow came by and turned in the wallet. It was decided

that I should go up and inform Katie that her wallet was

missing. I wouldn't want her to be worried after realizing

her missing wallet. ... The thing was she didn't even

know it was gone. When I found her she was smiling and laughing

while talking with a co worker. This did not look like the state

a person would be in had they lost their wallet so I asked,

"Did you lose something?" She pauses, "did I?"

It was hilarious and as I walk away I realize that the thing was

Found before it was ever Lost.

I noted that Lost has a few parts that imply the effects.

Effects like anguish or worry come about when we loss

valuable things. If those effects are not realized than

I would consider the object not really lost.

It's like a magitions trick. If a magition places

something in a hat and we don't 'see' it leave than we

still think it is there. Same thing here. She still

that it was there so it wasn't 'lost'

So, it was Found before it was Lost.

I mused as I walked back to Lacy to informer of the interesting

situation that had unfolded.

===== again writing in another lab =====

8:15 PM

I sat on a sunny lite bench remembering thoughts I

have had previously. I like this bench. It has a little

give in the wood so I can recline fairly well in it.

Only the view is of a building with a window into a

large room full of people doing some sort of martial

dance or art or something. The placement of the bench

probably isn't the best but regardless I remember


I was at Mandy's house while Joy and some other friends

were over. Their were conversations going on about

many things. And I noted the use of the lap tops

to enhance what was talked about. The technology was

not grabbing the attention away and closing people

off here. I noted it was aiding in the looking up of

various words and terms and even to pull up poetry

some of the guests (including I) had written.

I felt it a wonderful demo of the fact the techonogy

was becoming transparent allowing the human interaction

to take it's rightful place in the spotlight.

The lap top did it's magic on a scale unknown to any

one else in the room. I simply remember marveling at

the scene I was witnessing.

That was an interesting memory. And it all came back to

me for some reason while sitting on this bench.

Maybe it was because I felt I should bet thinking about

something like that in that particular scene.

A college guy eating Reeses in light jeans reclining on

a bench staring out thoughtfully.

yeah.. interstin stuff.

10:11 PM 

I'm back from the cupboard and Joy's place. I visited after

I got my TeleCom articles written up.

I'm thrilled at the thought that once I have what I was doing

and what I was thinking at a time I can go back and write

scripts that not only recreate the event but enhance it

with visuals and how the thoughts progress. That's very

exciting. Very exciting.

I do not like being in places where I feel people are

manipulating me. I like D street because you can choose

to be involved with the activities or just hang out in

some other place in the house and play on the instruments.

I noticed distinct comfort difference when I'm there as

compared to being in other places.

Thinking of it now there were definitaly many awkward social

moments today. And a lot of them happened in the short span

of time I was out Joy's place.

I need battieres and lots of people know it. I got offered

batteries a lot of times today. Thank you all so much.

I'm able to post images again thanks to those people.

10:18 PM

I noticed that it feels like college for the first time in

a while. Like I'm walking about today and I notice this...

"this is college life?" I feel some what accomplished by now.

Like I've done enough, and seen enough to say "yeah that's

college" And have a somewhat scattered but diverse social

network to which I really don't make that much use of.

Other than the injected happiness I gather when I get to

say hi to a lot of people in the day.

I also remarked to myself while walking back in the dark

that I'm learning lots of new things both academic and

applicable to my work. And the cross over between classes

is astonishing. I think to better understand the memory

management I could write a dynamic allocation assembly

program for the computer course. Might be interesting.

I should have movie links, and news updates in my side bar.

I wonder if I can put forms here and just use a different server

for processing the php.

KJ tells me some one hacked her server. It's bound to happen.

About the movie group organization software. I have a bit

of a qualm about putting up all the information as I work

on it. But then again I realize the sorts of people whom

will make use of such a thing have no budget anyway.

So, the work I do will be for the public but I might place

it under the GPL just in case.

I need to spend more time in GIMP.

" I am immensely
grateful to have not only the creativity
but the tools to realize
my dreams"
Thank you parents and
thank you everyone that makes Open Source

my condenences to the world.

I would never have thought of that...

and I'm pretty out there.

~ later ~

You know I sit down at my machine

and I would work on one thing than remember an idea I had

for a program and I'd work on that. Than I would go back

to the first thing with out missing a beat. It's like

rapid fire full speed through put... it's the sort of humming

productivity I love.

There is a place in the library where I know I can get a good movie shot. I could bring my high quality camera and get a nice pull away straight back and up. I managed to catch Alex to deliver the papers and get things signed. There is a similar photo but it's Daniel and I signing a document.
Nothing like a board full of equations. What would a day be with out it? I seldom am able to complete a full solution before the end of a board session. This time I did. It was wonderful. Though I do still think about parts of it. Lacy finds ways to amuse her self while working at the library. Todays new amusing skill? Card twirling. Look at em twirl. Later, in the day I visit KJ. Whom is glad to see me. Aww KJ. She offeres me batt's which actually work. The other ones did not.
After the first round of homework I walk to Joys place and finally get pictures of her guest for the week. (see previous entry for the fuller story) John or whas it Jon? I forgot the spelling.. well THIS guy was there as well. Joy's semi Relative makes us smile. She's cool. They are cool.

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