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Long Cough Day

April 20, 2006 Thursday 6:13 PM
If a day has no open moments than not much
can be thought or put down.
To bad.
I'm very sick with a horrilbe hacking cough
and all I want to do is sleep it off but I"m
also hungry so I want to eat.
have you ever had one of those times when you
couldn't decided which would be better
to do more? Eat than sleep or sleep than eat?
I'm goign to eat first.

=== from lab ==
10:29 AM

When I am at my best I can be in a sitation and understand
what I can get out of it even when things are not going
Consequently I am much more awake when things like this go on.
Though it's to bad I can not go back and just choose to
sleep because I really needed that.

It brings up ideas about reliance on technology.

Ideas about What is good code?

There is a fellow whom writes lots of code and fast.
Self Taught. THe self taought ones are always diff
from college skill breed.

Andrew from class mentioned some good code practises.
.. I decided to research it a bit.

10:27 PM

I feel really werid right now. I feel like I'm torn between
feeling sick and wosy and wanting to walk out to get some air.
... ugh I don't know what to do so I cleaned. And I felt a little
better. I guess I feel stressed but I"m in denial.
I tried to sleep earlier but I don't recall if I manged to.
I the next thing I knew after laying down was that my heart
was beating faster and I didn't feel tired. I didn't remember
sleeping but I did have my eyes closed.... it's distressing.

I'm walking out. Entry later... though I prob will not get around
to it to tommorrow.

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