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Many People Day

April 5, 2006 Wednesday 9:17 PM Many People Day
It was a good day. Good feeling. Began with a good
shower and ideas before I fell asleep last night.
And I saw many many people. People I had not seen
in so long.

One need not photograph it all. I seemed to have
pulled out the camera and just the right times but not
all. I didn't capture the juggler whom juggled.

You should ask him.
Dang it I figured once I ask someone once the rule is
relaxed. But it's not. I guess. I need people to get onto
the 'okay to place images of them up on line' list.

Oh yeah, Sadie met Zara today.
JOy got interviewed as did I for some show on KEET Channel 12
I think...
And I got a picture of the ones whom asked to get our
imagery a moment earlier. I had to get this because here were
other people needing permission to get

I need to start an "Okay to use images of me" List.
So, things are confirmed.

"I hear that people are actually reading this thing sometimes. I like that."

Last night, as I fell asleep, I got this idea.... I was thinking about how I can't really display anything other than images because it's being hosted else where and they do not permit me to upload those sorts of things. I realized that there was another way to put up say... pdf's or rtf files or even executables someday. (oh and blend files) I thought... ASCII embedded text! Since all the computer deals with is numbers it made sense to me to just post those numbers and find a way to get the user to grab and use them as intended files. ... And then I couldn't sleep. Well, actually I sprung up and copied down a note about the idea than went back to bed. I was all smiles until I fell asleep. So I guess my good day began even before I got up earlier to have my shower. 9:30 PM That is something I must work on. I realize that is how e mail attachments are done. It's just they were a lot more noticeable back in the day. Another note of interest is the fact I can now search google for "welcometochrisworld" (no spaces) and my sites come up. It's a step in the right direction only... no one will ever enter that with out putting spaces... it's a shame really. Things to Write about... The Sidewalks of Arcata are to small. Only 2 people can comfortably walk side by side on them. While good for couples and friend pairs this makes traveling in groups difficult as well as awkward given that I tend to wind up in front or way behind as we all jockey for position. Degree OR Not Degree I wrote notes about the concept today in STAT class. The Thorn in the Computer Science Department ..... later at night I walked out one last time after updating my computer and working on javascript for the downloader thing.... and I returned some of the movies I borrowed. That's 4 down.. now I can do the rest Saturday. Otherwise known as the "Movie Return-A-Thon"

[Images: OUT OF ORDER] I can no longer keep images in strict chrono order. Do to the mechanics of my uploading it's just to much work.
STAT class.. I was incharge of turning the lights on in off because I sat in the seat next to the light switch. It kept me on my toes. Man, I had to turn the lights on and off a lot. KJ doing what she does after Josh gave a presentation in Prog Lang class. This is what my spell check recommened in place of Return-A-Thon. Honestly, who programmed this stuff? Sadie met Zara today. That is a fact I feel has some importance.. though I can't say for what. But it's important. Tracy catches a movie clip of things. I'm in one. More chatting after presentation. Over the shoulder KJ. Tracy catches this image of Josh. I tend to hand over the camera to different people at different times. ?Didn't I comment on this one already? People came and interviewed Joy and I about living in the Res Halls. I think they were using a ZR 40 something. I wondered if the white balence was set right. ... things that go through my head when other people are taping. Joy talks to Camera people. I've come up with several snazzy Chris World titles over the years.. Well actually, about 3 years ago. Hey a Reverse frame in the wrong place in the image list.. go figure. Zara shows off her strenght. Shirine (spelling?) Hadn't seen her in a while.

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