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April 24, 2006 Monday me likey
~tech 11:41 prev day~

I do not know why I like to think of it. The numerous story lines
that are always going on.
Right now. At the moment tonight. What are they? Could I guess?
Could I say that these plot lines have been going on for so long
that there are no new ones to be told?

There's the cheating boyfriend and the cheating girlfriend.
There's the college guy whom ran out of money and must call
his parents. There are the waring dorm mates whom no longer
can stand one another. There's the consoling friends after
a difficult break up. There's the freshmen girl whom is crying
on the steps of Founders Late at Night. There's the band whom
breaks up after one of the members begins to sell drugs.
There's the good deeds of the friends whom help someone who
had to much to get home. The stories are innumerable.
There's to many to count for each has it's on unique finger print.
People grow up. They learn from new experiences by messing up or
losing their innocents or hurting others in some way either accidently
or on purpose.
People are sometimes mean. Sometimes Happy. Sometimes sad. Sometimes
excited to see their life change while sometimes miserable to know it
will never be the same again.
The common thread of story lines is person in which must play it out.
And in doing so they become changed by it if not by a lot than by some
little bit. There is no change to small for every change however minor
will define us all.
What is your story? Could we every know? If everyone made a decision
to keep track than we could all replay the day. We could all know
what is really going on if everyone is open. it wouldn't be that lonesome
trial run of a life it would be that collective support of a humanistic
society that might .. upon seeing it self in full clarity ... take
aim to stop all the wreckage of human life and reverse the effects of
an ailing present day society.

Could that ever happen?
Those, the others, and more a like are yet to be told.

==== e mail to Pat =====================================
You mean the Green Eye for the Common Gal?
I thought it was reasonably done. But I would
have used open src music to avoid licensing worries.

We would like to film it and
> post it online.  how easy it to get from Hi8? (or
> DV8?) digital video? (you know from the camera) to
> google video?

I take it you meant how Easy is it to get something filmed
on Hi* or MiniDV onto the web via services such as Google Video
and others like it.


I know that Google Vid allows people to mail in physical copies
of tapes to be placed on line. that works well for businesses
and real long features.

BUT if that isn't a desirable option one must convert the
Hi8 into digital form then upload it through the service.

If you have gmail than your already have way there.
Going to
and activating your video account than you download a special
uploader. From which you use to upload the movie.
It can take a real long time also depending on the duration of
the film. I mused about the possibility of burning some of my movies
to CD with higher quality compressions and taking to campus
to use their high speed net for uploading rather than my home

It's a good idea to look at compression Codecs to make everything
quicker and easier for both the end viewer and the upload time.

... did I answer anything? I don't believe I understood the question
in the first place so I just mentioned what I knew from my experience.

Which ... I should mention that Google Video Screens everything which
means that even after uploading it's not there for another week
or more. It's annoying. It's also the reason why I prefer youtube
just to get something up quickly. The internet Archive
allows people to upload movies for free. Their servers are a bit slow
but it's all free. And much more immediate than google vid.

I would upload to a lot of places. The more places the more copies
the better and easier it is on each server.

Oh yeah, if you type "during my break" into a Google search
a link to one of my break movies pops up as the second or third


The last true common platform for
world democracy must remain un hindered by the greed of those whom dare to abuse it.

-from about the Net by Chris Stones

1:13 PM
I found class cancelled. The STAT 108 door was closed. And so I walked
to buy a sandwich ahead of the time I normally do.
And I saw Brent and Melissa getting ready for the Sci test that I
presume Joy is suppose to take as well. ...
Anyway, I'm about to leave when suddenly Colleen shows up.
Her hair is wet and she is tired but she seems happy to see me.
We stop to talk with each other and before long were sitting
eating lunch together. I gave away the first Biz card to her.
I didn't want to be the usual "in your face with my camera" guy
today so no images are here yet but I thought about it the whole
time. That reflex is really solid now.

I found she'll be staying for the summer so I knew the summer
was going to be that much more cool. All sorts of possible future
images flashed through my mind. Those vague movie ideas and poss.
of bike riding to the beach. I'm told that from her place it's
just 5 minates away. I think if I knew people that close I would
def. ride out to the beach more. It's good to have a nearby stop
like that.

I was looking for a place to write about these new events but every
computer lab I found was completely FULL. And so I made some notes
in my note book and came home with them. Not before
I managed to see Sadie and Linda and so followed along with
them for a while. We were in the quad when Lacy (blonde) whom
had recently cut her hair showed up.
I noted to myself I wasn't on very good terms with her.
After having accidently kept the DVD's I borrowed for to long
I felt really bad. And then ... well I've never really been on
good terms with her.
I felt irrelevant while I sat there next to Sadie next to Linda.
Whom she was really talking to.

12:51 PM (around that above time)

My social radar is becoming attuned to all these noticings of
... mmm they don't want me around... or they are not responsive
to my saying hello. Or they don't look like they want to talk
with me... not now nor ever.
... It makes me want to come away from it all sometimes.

I walk back home thinking about the Husk of my Life. The fact that when
I'm gone the body of my work will remain... no longer activly
being thought of but just a husk left behind the way a snail dies
and leaves it's shell. A shell that it builds up over the duration
of it's life. Only to be left behind.
I don't know why I thought of such things as I walked back home
to phone the land lord and deposit the rent forms.

Better call that land lord.
1:23 PM

Don't get the home phone mixed up with the office phone.
I've been told to call the home phone before. So I got

11:31 PM
And when I left for class I got to the bottom of the
street where it just so happened that Emon was driving
onto campus. So i got a ride with her. And she informed
me of her housing problem. She has no place to stay and no
job awaiting for her and no home to go home to.
What is she going to do? It looked like she was on the
verge of tears as we drove down LK Wood. What could I possibly

I left while waving good bye and thanking her. I didn't find
sadie bird at the quad but a while later after doing some
work in the lab on python and Gimp and Blender I Linda showed
up to take my computer and informed me Sadie was upstairs in
the Mac Lab. I went anyway because I had shut down with out
pulling out my key and I wanted to check the files on it.

Sadie walked with me to by a before class snack and outside
of class Amanda dropped by. I reintroduced them to each other.
... after class I walked to Joy's place to deliver the disk
I had made. I rang twice and there was no answer. A variety
of possibilities ran through my head. But I ultimately and sadly
dropped the disk off and left. ... I was about to walk into
Subway but I didn't for some reason. I decided to turn back
and just go home when I saw Joy out walking about. She had spoken
to the lady that lives next door and she told her that a guy
had dropped a book off. (it was no book) I was struck to see
her suddenly. She looked so beautiful to me. I was charmed
instantly and I held her for a moment just holding her and
being grateful for her continuing existence. I had missed her and
I didn't realize how much until that moment.

We hung out and I was glad to get to. We both miss Kassi. I'm informed
that that might be the correct spelling but I"m not sure.
... I mentioned to her that I wanted to do some sort of "hi" movie
to send to her.

...Well, at the end of the night after I tucked Joy in I left
quietly. I decided that I'd visit the cupboard even though
I thought it might be closed. It wasn't. And I suddenly got
to see Shirine. She seemed happy. She hadn't turned her head
to the left in order to see me. I told her about it and she
didn't remember a thing. Yeah, because she hadn't looked to
the left. ... I got permission to put up the diva shot of her.
... now where is that shot?

The day was good. Between coming home settling some housing matters
and recording some nice guitar playing.. I enjoyed the bulk of it.
Even the fact Python was presented in Prog Lang class today.
And I found I got an 81 I needed an 89 but now I just have to figure out
how much to get on the final to pass.... mmm

I got to compliment Rey on that nice nice photo she placed on her
myspace profile. .. whoa. she looks good in that.

And so the day concludes... I love the combo of GiMP and BLENDER
it's delightful to get to draw precisely and then touch up lots of
the work in GiMP. I always liked starting with something like
text in the pre Blender days. Now I start with something I render
in Blender and she what I can do... me likey.
11:44 PM

While taking a break from researching Python I made this using GiMP and Blender. This was the basis of the image I rendered using Blender. The prev was the final result. Joy and I watch over video clips I took of the Kassi Visit. Much enjoyment was had. In this rare instance I snag a image of Daniel sitting down during a telecom class break. He's doing fine in the class and looks to be graduating on time. He'll be moving on to bigger and better things... I think after a stay with his parents until he finds work where ever suits his fancy. Good luck Daniel.
And Shirine!

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