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I understand the principle of Chaos. And I was looking for a way to represent the change given the small init variances in the original values. This note of today dates back to the thinking I was doing while waiting at the air port. I was on to something.... I was.

April 27, 2006 Thursday Mountain of Ideas
5:04 PM back at home
One of the first things I come accross upon
entering into the front door is Daniel coming
down to say I really need the 1/2.
I had cont. to think about it. And with out much
other words I walked in my room got out the physics
book turned to the page I had book marked and had
him read the little section about it.
Basically, "once were in approximation land these things
don't matter so much" And I further thought about the fact
that picking the equations that had fewer operations might
be more efficient. But this issue still doesn't explain
how one could predict error as compared to the 'real world'

I did agree that that was the way the world worked .. but
this was still an approximation regardless.

He didn't say much more other than shrugging while walking
back up the stairs.

I noted it was strange to have this conclusion encounter
though I know I'll be figuring more with this idea later.

===back in lab earlier==
Someone says lab is a waste of time.

But I remark that regardless of location or situation
the time is what you make of it.
"Must ye be told what to do in order to be doing?"
"Can you not use your time regardless?"
What makes some people more productive than  others?
And what makes that matter?

~ later
Don't tell me a day can't end with a mountain of ideas.
They were diverse ranging from the lack of constructive
criticism on line, to simulation technology, to
relationship discussions, and analyzing chaos using algebraic
methods. Also, the beginnings of the plan to achieve my
new CSP Projects.

It was hard to leave the place. A friend requested that I
accompany her. I felt bad not being able to the previous night
so I told her I'd finish my STAT homework and be right over.
I knew I had much more to tend to. But I also really wanted
to see her and I knew that with all my extra work I wouldn't
be having time to really see her before she left for the summer.
Sang softly to myself while walking home. It was the song I sing
for her. I knew that someday I would have to get all the words down
so that we could both sing together. That would be all that much
more special.

It's good to know Joy is feeling a little better than before.
She was scaring me. And now that I know of those things I won't
be the same. I see now.

It's good that the physics is turning over to my side but now
I sat in lab today at a loss. I tried demoing the Muscle wires
to myself. I got them to work as I knew I would and floundered
about trying to grasp how I was going to achieve things.
Ultimately I left feeling tired and needing food and a nap before
I would cont. with my thinking. Upon getting home .. well
I think I wrote about it.

Short Thoughts from the page I took notes on....

Lack of Constructive Criticism on line.
I find that there are always negative comments about a guitar movie
I posted a while back. I knew it wasn't that great sounding but
apparently that deserves much more violently descriptive terms as
offered by many of those on line folk. Though I will prob. take
that movie down the issue raises the questions behind critique.
I 'should' accept critique but only something constructive.
Most of the time, however, I try to disable comments. They just won't
go away with that movie service.

Economic Systems And the Marginal Propensity to Do work
I had flash backs. Back to that econ class I took in my first
semester of college. I remember the explanation in that metaphorical
Gilligans Island example. ... Basically,
It's more efficient for everyone to do what they are best at.
So, if you enjoy your work than your prob. good at it.
For an econ to be most effective everyone needs to do what they are good at.
Therefore, you should do what you love given that that is what your best at
and would allow the econ to be must eff.
The greatest amount of good stuff produced by all the members allow every
member to get more of everything in general.

Have I had enough Computing Education?
Is it time to call it quits? C'mon. I know them.
From bottom up and from top down. I see it all now.
I don't even have many courses left in the major.
I'd be better off figuring out construction methods with IT
classes now. ... but alas my course remains unchanged
for the time being.
I look more forward to the GE.
Knowing that I have learned or am just about to learn what I came

One Could never know...
One could never know what they are giving up when
they refuse to continue to learn.
No one can say, 'That's all I need' But they could say
'that'll be enough for now I'll pick up the rest as I
go along later'

On Physics Approximations
When you deal with approximation many equations 'could' fit because
fit is a give and take in the approximation realm.
What is 'correct'? once everything is an approximation. I only
argue that some calculations will be easier to perform faster than
others. This is important if a large sum of calculations are to be
required for a proper simulation.

"If you could predict error you could fix error"
... sim. note on the approx. ideas.

I started making a list of common hardware errors to watch for.
- power to all chips?
- missing wire?
- part disconnected wire
- backwards bus
- wrong capacitors
- wrong resistors
The symptoms of which .... I should recognize later.

 I note First Emotional Response
Once that first emotional response dies off I can really
evaluate a past argument. I can see it for what it is and
what I take from it. I rue having to keep my temper in check,
but ultimately I handled things better and I understand a bit

 Computers... (mutterings to myself)
They only do math. They do so much math that you don't
even recognize that it is math anymore. It's a movie your
playing back from DVD or a essay your typing.
But it's all math. And ultimately everything can be a procedure
and a number. Amazing.

That was most of the notes. I felt it important to transcribe
them here in order to re visit them later.

Physics lab these days reminds me of the closet lab I had way back when. Ah, those were the days. I felt like I was re-living those moments of my earlier youth when I hooked clips up to things and tinkered about. It's much better because now I get to use the O'Scope. I can see all sorts of things I never could before. By the way.... I'm still making good use of that toy car racing set bought way back when I was interacting with Nicole on a regular basis. Good to know I'm still puting these 'toys' to such good use. I FINALLY found a torque equation for the motor. It's good to know. Finally. It's hard to see but there IS a wire between the two clips. And when I pass current through it to heat it up it contracts. I want to keep my motion as simple as possible so that everything works with the minium about of error. I'm more theory testing based anyway. Keeping things simple is part of the reason I want to stay away from Stepper motors. yesh. Ah... I was gathering up the array of senors I will be deploying in the next two weeks. Hopefully. Wes explains.... some sort of infarad thing. Before. After. We did the old 'calculate the percentage of colored M and M's' in the bag thing. I ordered mine. Isn't it colorful?

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