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April 4, 2006 Tuesday
On futher calculation

with a cup mouth of diameter 8cm
You could have a cyliner 10 meters high
That's 30 ft or a tube of water 3 stories
tall all retained by the atomsphere
pushing on the bottom of the cup.

The tricky part is getting it set up.
But why is that?


11:11 PM
It's been upseting in electronics lab.
We have moved into the programming portion.
And my computer isn't likeing me. Actually,
I'm having troble adjusting to the new shift
of focus and have to gradually develop a plan
of attack. ... Luckialy I think I'm getting
to grasp the basics but not before I spent
a very frustrating 3 hours in lab.
The skill of not losing one's head is learned
in this lab. It doesn't matter of the world
is about to explose and my skin about to melt
off. The focus is all on the task at hand and
nothing else. It doens't matter that my project
is going to be unfinsihed all that matters is
that I will not be slowed down to far in order
to keep up with the rest of the lab.

After lab I knew I had to run my code into
the assmbler to make sure that wasn't my problem.
I went to Joy's place to use her computer and
Jon (note the spelling is J o n not with a h)
She was waiting for Jon to come help her with
We all went out to eat. Jon treated us all.
There are some very very nice peole in this world.
I'm not used to it.
After dinner and discussion over pop culture and
the use of the term subculture amoung other things
we came back to Joy's place.
They played music while I attempted to work on
the asm code. Through all of that I got home
later that night and found I had NOT emulated
the code. Arggh. That was half the point.
I just didn't realize it.

Anyway, despite only 6 or less hours of sleep I did
not notice much of a difference. Don't know why.
I just get up and stay up better on some days.
Unless drinking that Coke had anything to do with it.
though I swear I don't feel that effected by such

Earlier from lab......
April 4, 2006 Tuesday 12:26 PM
Location: Large GH Lab

I spent a considerable amount of time sitting down here
and attempting to find an opensource text editor for
windows that I can morph into my own journal software.
vim caught my eye. After looking and trying to compile
other projects I decided I'll have to look more extensivly
later. Right now I realize I could be doing more if I
wrote something. Acutally, that doesn't mean what I am
currently writting but what I could write.

I haven't written scripts for shooting in a while.
I think I have ideas... I know I made notes on them
while in class today.

10 and 13 NewLines vs Carriage returns
.... can't think of that other thing.. I'm tempted to
pull out my class notes and look for that one place
where I wrote something down for it.
Regardless, I have physics lab now. Mostly program
debugging and entering and editing asm code into my
jungle wired machine.

It was 1.25 verse 125
A talk about simulation precision error.

I was stoked earlier to find people 'do' visit
chris world 'the blog'

Check out this e mail I got from Jacob.
Hope this is alright that I'm posting this here....

Hey Chris,
It's Jacob, you know... the weird creepy guy that sits down the room
from you in Phys. 316.  I checked out your web blog, and after some
searching I finally found the pictures you said you had posted of me. 
Pretty cool, I feel like a celebrity... I'm a part of Chis World!

I decided to navigate around your webpage and I stumbled upon your AIM
account, so I added you.  Just wanted to let you know... just in case
you were wondering who had added you.  So now we can chat about our cool
computers and how they can run in loops... endlessly! Well ok, I guess
that is all for now.  Talk to you later.


AND my reply....
it's good to have chrisworld and ChrisWorld Associates.
Yeah, thanks for e mailing me man. It made my day that much

Endless loops my gosh. Mine takes a break and then crashes
actually. I'm not going to pass this class at this rate unless
I do a LOT of extra credit. So... that's what I'll be up to.

Say will you be around during the summer? I like to see who's
around ahead of time.

The joking around in that class helps keep my alive.
Thanks for laughing here and there.

11:22 PM
I recall that the last thing I was working on was the program
that might turn into Calculated PI with ASM code for my computer.
Now, that is a challege but I broke it down (while on Joy's clean
carpet) and it doesn't look as bad as I thought.

getting back to my non spell checking ways.

It's all numbers now in Eletronics. It hurts. With my project not going so well I come over to see thta Jacob is on time and enjoying is much nicer machine. I'm jealous... really. Just look at how pleased that guy is. Someday mine will run smooth. It will! Dang it. Or at least calc pi for me ... or something. Things really are going... bad.. codewise.
Least the dancing was fun to watch. It reminds me of that Calvin and Hobbes Strip. Where they are dancing. I turn away from my code to take it in. And wave my arms in appreciation.

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