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Relaxin Reflection

April 23, 2006 Sunday 8:10 PM Relaxin Reflection
    There isn't any real reason for why I'm tired. Or was it because I did
just get up from some sort of napish thing. It was earlier when I
decided to walk out. It was after I had fixed ... well taken apart
the printer in order to get my business cards printed. It was the
first time in a long while that I have biz cards to hand out.
The whole "what site is that?" started coming up just enough to make
me want to print  a few and keep them in my wallet. Not to many at
a time. Just enough for the small demand.

    I have a rule. Least I know, that when ever I get a certain way...
A way in which I know not what to do. I decided to walk out. It's
nice out. I don't have any real pressing academic demands and
I know I felt tired but it turned into a relaxing walk in which
I stepped slowly about meandering where ever my minor electrical
pulses took me. Even in this state I stopped in a computer lab
and did a bit of work to test out if I had succeed at giving
myself GIMP and Python and Blender Capability on the school computers.
I think I have. And GIMP, for whatever reason, runs much better
on the lab machines.

    I wonder where Joy is by now. Did they safely arrive? Did she decided
to stay out longer doing a few last things? Did they crash? Or did
she finally drop Kass off and then crashed coming back?
Aye, not that I'm that worried but ... actually know that I realize it
it's  4 hours and 4 hours. If they did leave at 10 than the soonest
Joy could be back tonight would be 6ish? Perhaps later?
It's 8:17 PM.


dang it
Since I took apart my printer I keep trying to put my
feet up but there is no printer so I keep setting them back down
again. I loved having a foot rest while typing. It will take
a while before my feet learn to just stay still.

Business Cards Again. Finally. It was a bit hard to get them considering I needed to take my malfunctiong printer apart to get the paper feed in properly. I can't even put the cover back on. Which is alright considering I love to watch it write the text directly on. It's magic. There was one day a long long time ago. I wrote a lot about the day. And there was a place that looked like this. But all the leaves were yellow and falling off and there were butterflies about. I stood there today. Just remembering that other day and knew I needed to get a picture of this place once more. That entry is on back on the humboldt space in the bio section a link is to the left of this text.. I think.
Images from Past Days
I happened to see a metal chicken one day. Where someone says a plate of dinner someone else says art in the making. It makes me want to throw other weird things into molds and make them metal. It was Friday I think. Last friday when I got to drop by the very end of the girls doing their experiment. I was almost going to be a part of it but I had class. This is one of my favorite shots. ... she left. I remember the way I got to hug her good bye.... aww. Friends.

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