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April 3, 2006 Monday
==== in a computer lab ====
the lost hour will never come back. I do feel a bit more tired than
usual today. Maybe that's just in my head.
It was a busy and tiring weekend. Busy in a differetn sort of way
than ordinary weekends go.

I'm down today. I'm down because I'm down on a test, in a class that is
required for my major as well as the other computer science like
major. It gives me pause to contemplate the reporcusison it will
have on my future academic choices.

I find my self thinking and thinking and coming back to the begining

Writing while knowing someone might read forces one to write more
objectively as though your stepping futher out of your life
in order to get a better view of it.

I jotted notes about my ideas down earlier. I came to the lab in order
to attempt some Scheme Assignments. No luck. With the inablity to
run installers on the lab comptuers comes the reduction of much of
the use of them. To bad. I don't even believe the policy can be
even opened for change. Not enough arguments on my side.
But if there's one some thing I could do is present how it effects
me as well as stir a bit of that activist emotion.

Much was not written nor reviewed. I have one full month (despite
missing a few entries here and there)
I have a full month to review but the time to do such a thing
escaped me. The futher I get from that month the worse the
situation will become.

... of some of the good ideas of the past few days were the
use of the the TextEdit source code for my journling software.
Waiting and making this decision is a good idea. It felt like
Christmas when I find that Xcode project.
3:31 PM

Well, if I can't work on the Scheme in this lab I might as well
go someplace to rest. or watch. the library it is.

... on last note ...
It's true I see people. I take pictures. But I don't
always have to emphasize that. I could start turning
more internal and figuring through trains of thought
in a day. Or use the blog to focus on projects adn tracking
progress in projects.

The list system is lovely.
Works well.

==== at home
9:36 PM
Hi again,
You are so welcome. I must thank you even more for
sending me an e mail. I've been having a bad day and
hearing back from you brightened it so much.

It was the least I could do. I'm just so impressed by
your efforts and heart and caring that I had to.
You looked like things were getting to you and I
had to do something so that you would know how outstanding
I think it is that you put forth all the extra effort.

Hey, are you working at Subway during the summer? I'll
be around and that's the place I tend to go during summers.

Okay now, have a good night and thanks again for the e mail.
Hang in there champ,


> Hello Chris,
>   This is Kass from Subway.  Wow!  Your note was so thoughtful.  It made
> my night & then some.  I was close to tears because your words were too
> kind.  Thank you.  The thing is-Subway has already gotten to me!  Isn't
> that sad?  A couple of days I've been grouchy at work and gone home
> feeling terrible about how I treated the customers.  I wasn't as
> cheerful as I could be.  I need to be consistent with my moods.  It's
> tough!  But your note has moved me to try harder.  I can't let the
> little things get to me.  You're one of my favorite customers and I hope
> you always keep coming to Subway.  Even if it is nine on the dot :)!
> Take care and thanks again for your meaningful words.
>   -Kass

I was tired today but I didn't just come home after my last class.
I walked out to eat. And found Liz at D street. That was a
9:48 PM
I wonder. I write so much about people I visit with. But when I contemplate
the usefulness to my future self of this information I wonder if it's worth
it. Should I be ranking the merit based on what I 'could' use the information
for in the future? Or is that ethically and morally wrong?
It feels wrong to suppose that writing, "I saw Sadie in the quad
and got to talk with her." is not vital information to me months later.
Should I not write those things down in order to save time and space for
more activly 'productive things' It doesn't sound right. I'd be letting
the idea of pay off cut off the very human things that go on in day to
day life. Those things should never be let go. But still... as I re read
and view things again I find the portions leaning to one side of the
social scale. Is it as nesscary or should I forget some of this sort of
You are correct again Joy.

14 psi pounds per square inch is 1 atm

Though my statement didn't say you were incorrect and
it would make since ot pump a bike tire with a pressure
greater than that of the air around it.

I'm examining just how much water the atmosphere can hold up.
PA= mg  where m = D(Volume of water)

PA/g = mass of water that can be held up given
A the area of the cup and P the atmosphereic pressure

(101325)(C^2 /(4*pi)) = mass of water that can be held
C (must be in meters)

I'm guessing a good size for a cup is 8cm diameter (3 somethign inches)
509.315 Kg  D of water 1000 Kg/m^3

About half a cubic meter of water.

If the mouth of the cup was a cylinder than it could
be really really tall. I think Bill Nye said something like
33 ft My value is a bit... to high I think.

Regardless, you were right.


Joy slurps while finishing Sci Homework. I sit with Sadie and Liz in the library. All chance meetings as usual. Hadn't seen Liz in a very long time. Just walking. Sadie scuffs as she realizes that she has a lot of class scheduling to do. I get to see Zara and Joy together again. When I walk to D street after my final course I find Liz there. She is now a D street Junkie. And she'll be living there later. Toward the end of the night after I play guitar at D street and walk home under the starry night sky I find a sewing work shop going on. And I hadn't seen Lyn in a very long time. She displays her bunny proudly. Aww Bunny.

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