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Social Flare

April 25, 2006 Tuesday 10:04 Social Flare

I like it when my day has just a touch of social flare.
Nothing to involving but just that little extra excitement.
Today it was that chatting a bit while walking and talking
with a few females. And I had conversation contact with
a number more people than I usually do.

Plus, what was exciting was I finally got the Signal Scope to
work (in the first 2 hours of lab) and despite some prodding
by Wes was finally allowed to pursue my own endeavors.
Life just became a lot better.
I feel like it's the second coming of CSP. CSP II if you will.
I spent the rest of lab time at a library computer typing up my
thoughts for what I could try and work out. This Thur and Fri
aught to be a bit different but it takes more preparation on my
part considering I need to earn back lots of points I missed
else where on my incomplete labs. I'd rather make it all up
Another exciting thing to cont. with the Python Trend. I'm been
picking up python where i left off and becoming fascinated
with how it's all done in python.
But today I got a demo of the PIC chip working with PySerial
and another module to present the data to the screen.
A sine wave is sent to the chip it's converted and played back
to the desktop computer. And on the screen.. a sine way appears.
That is cool. I'm in the right place to start getting those
good things to come to me.

Embed system programing looks like a nice cosy job possibility.
I hear that on average between 50,000 and 75,000 dollars a year
can be made that way. And some outliners into the 150,000

But what's better is having that skill is the beginning of much
greater things if I can pull off my own little company. The sorts
of things I could make would be impressive at best.

I've lost the taste for Ricos finally. Though they have cool new
cups. I think I'll just purchase meals on demand from safeway
and prepare them at D street. If I want to continue to go down
and visit the place.

Fixing the Vacuum cleaner or at least attempting the fix the old
vacuum cleaner was fraught with problems. I remarked to myself,
"the debugging never stops" given that I just got down with all
this major debugging in lab.  Ghessh.
One thing, I'd better make all my future system run perfectly.
Because I can not stand the defects. It's going to be hard.

My life sure has changed in these years living here.
In the city between the forest and the sea.

the rest of the night was mostly consumed by reviewing old movies
from back in High School and the first year of college. I found
the old Sadie movie and watched it. And thought if I did a look
back at it and added some extra stuff I could prob make something
.. sort of okay. ... something ....

This is the lastish time I go to Ricos. I have lost my taste for their food. Something was different anyway. And also they had these new to go glasses. Weird. Trying to fix Rosies Vacum cleaner. Liz came home and I got to see her. It had been a while. This isn't a very good picture of the situation by the way. Visiting the house of a friend for tools to cut metal. Person borrowed from not shown. Ah. I sketched out the future LED message sender device. mmmmm Needs work. But I like quick mock ups to gather the first impressions.

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