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Solemn Day

What is a day made of? Here's an impression.

April 12, 2006 4:21 PM Solemn Day

The process to encode and decode attachments I place on my 

pages is a bit involving. Only thoughts with a solid inclination

to figure out what I put there will succeed. 

Though it's manageable for those whom are not familiar

with computer workings if I walk them through it in a 

step by step video.

A video where I could have Objectives:

Explain my problem

My idea

about e mail attachments

finding the code

adapting to my situation

worrying if it was alright with Blogger in general

I write once again from a lab. ONly this time it's a much

quieter and temperature lovely place. My through put on 

this machine has been high so far... given that I've

tested base64, succeed at getting 'something' to install

on a lab machine than saving the files to the memory key.

I'd like to pause to appreciate

the fact I do not feel tired at the moment. Least not

as much as I usually do at this time on Wednesdays and Mondays.

Don't know why I got home late last night but I suppose sitting

in on one of Powel's lectures kept me comfortably in a 

state of ready to think action.

A good place to be here and there.

Beginning the day walking out

Telecom Project

Didn't have to concentrate to hard with in lab. 

Wasn't really a lab. Nor do I think there will be 

many more of them... I could be wrong.


I got to leave earlier and with my time I ate a sandwich and then

came to the STAT room where I was joined a little while later

by Brie. I suppose she noticed that I was not entirely happy. 

She spoke to me and asked what was wrong. I'm always

surprised at the nature of people to be concerned with

anyone whom really looks distraught. Reaching out has always

been that binding that keeps society bound by those

humanistic people. I applaud them. I'm still to shy

or in my own world to be of much use to many of those

out walking about. Thanks Brie. It helps to know

people care.  

STAT Prof. Guy Adams

Professor Guy I suppose.

I sat there. I sat in the back of the class room.

And when everyone left. I remained. 

And I just watched as some of the last students

were getting help. And filing out one by one.

A storm brewed in my head. I waited and than explained

why I had missed class Monday. After hearing my story

he was kind enough to let me take the quiz right there.

I walked with him back to his office. He was done for

the day. And thanked for the extended kindness in all

areas that we spoke of. 

I find Sadie out in the Quad and we hang about 

for a solid two hours which includes the sitting in during

Powel's class session for Philosophy of Science.

I decide to write a letter... which I should probably do right now.

In the lecture I smile at the mention of Computer Science as not 

quite a science. I recalled hearing someone from MIT speak off 

what Computer Science really is. 

4:21 PM

I'm still stuck on that bloody time issue.

I think I should settle for two times..

One to be real time (when I really typed or did something)

and the other for before I go to bed. As in the feeling

that it happened on that day.. if I haven't gone to sleep yet.

Because what a day to me is very close to that clocking

in and out of my conscious. The days not over till I'm 


I write about a day.. much later.

4:29 PM

30 min before Prog Lang Class begins.

there was REAL sign language going on 
I was amazed and delighted to see it.
It looked like a couple. 
This was when I was in the library talking with Lacy.
She is always interested in my female endeavors.
That's so caring. .. or I do not know what else to call
It was so sweet how Joy was nervous for her big date today.
She called me to ask for a 'pump me up call' awww
After all these years she still gets nervous... aww.
Well, I hope it's going well for her.

food cost... and

my Super drive is busted???? I'm not sure yet but I think
it might be faulty. That's alright I suppose but it's
kind of a let down regardless. I do have that special
consumer insurance with the Apple Care Plan. 

My throat has been a bit hot all day. Might have a 
slight cold.
Oh yeah it turned out KJ was presenting PHP and I picked
up on a few tips.. Which reminds me I have much review for
Prog lang test to get to. I also am reminded of that STAT
test next Wednesday. 

oh yeah JOy told me to remind her to e mail 
Prof VJ so I'd better do that. Or more a note.. or if she
read this than she has been reminded. But I may as well
write as well.

9:48 PM
mmm If I place the base64 program on a server and write
a php script to process the file than I could make the
embed process that much simpler and it might have a chance
of getting used. .. still. I have a feeling I need
to link to an explanation everywhere I place such text.

The images and smile betray my feelings of the day. But it can not be helped. What is a day made of? Lots of things
Not all of the images were uploaded due to Server busy stuff

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