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A picture of things to come? Perhaps, I wrote and re wrote this script so there is a good chance it will get made eventually. I like the ideas it exibits and as soon as I figure out where and when to do it. It will be done... with hope.

April 30, 2006 Sunday 12:50 PM

Apparently someone some where out in the middle of the
States visits this blog a lot. Who is that person? Hey, person
e mail me. I'd like to hear from you.

Regardless, I've been occupied for the past 24 or so hours and now
I'm just getting back into the "Oops I have to spend the rest of the
weekend finishing all my academic work" And there is quite a lot
of it. Though it feels good to be waking up and typing again.
I need to exercise patients with my current work. I've basically
got to re learn all these things about electromagnetism before I feel
confident enough to walk back into Physics Lab and conduct some sort
of 'real' experiment. I've been floundering about looking for a foot
hold so far.

Let's see a Cross Section of what I have to do...
Simple Stats
Statistic Homework is Due Monday. There is only 3 assignments
left and I already have a B+ in the class.

Computer Arch
Computer Architecture (What goes on inside the box?) class
Has me doing an assignment on pipelining.
That's due this Tuesday. Prob, the last assignment before
the final.

TeleCom Writing
Telecommunication Class Group Project needs to be written.
That's due This Friday May 5 So I had better write a lot then
let the rest of the group add what they will. As long as I put
a lot of work up front I'll feel better about myself.

Prog Lang
Study for Programming Languages Final.
We are covering Python. The language I once wrote about
coming home to. It was in a text where I dicussed what
I felt 'real programming' was all about. And after thinking
it through I realized I wanted some sort of language I could
just cope up algorithms in. A scripting language fit the bill,
for it was quick, easy to use, and boasted lots of added
functionality through libraries that could work on multiple
platforms. I still don't know how I feel about it requiring
white space but I understand the concept behind it.

I'd feel a lot better once I have my Physics lab all in
order. Hence, all the going back to study old physics
I learned last summer. So it's been nearly a year since
I've looked at all the stuff again and I'm really feeling
the mental stretch when I try to re apply what I learned.
I dropped the LED message deal because it was just to
mechanically complicated.
I'm in favor now of the Muscle Wires robot.
The measuring gravity with frequency
Recording and Play back from A Guitar.
(can I play those strings?)
And the constant speed Motor deal.

As I figure them out I have to get busy knowing this is
my second to last week to work on all of them. That's
why I'm getting anxious about the whole matter.

End Cross Section

I mention lots of topics that I don't explain fully. I know
of a female whom returns to visit my Blog a lot and I fail to
explain out everything because this place functions as more of
a location for footnotes on ideas and such. I suppose that if
I'm feeling up to it I should take more time to explain
some of the ideas so that they are more accessible to more people.
It would be nice practise to.

11:24 PM
I'm having trouble uploading the movie(s) I made today.
Don't know what the problem really is. I do know that not
in the history of my entire life have I been able to settle
myself down enough to work on academic matters several hours
straight. .. unless I counted that time I spent the whole weekend
stuck to my telecom book in a mad effort to pass the class for
which I am almost completely certain that I am failing.
It is the one I am resigned up for next Fall. And it is the
dagger in my side.

mhmp before I re tend to matters I should update the previous
entries as well. Short as they are.

The logo I created for these new Physics problems. It has a history to the previous series of projects I attempted. I'd like to say I've come a ways since those old days of trying to teach myself calculus in order to solve certain problems. A frame from the movie I shot today. With out the white balence [you can always click on images to see the full size] Now with white balence. The difference in mood is what I point to. Gotta have that blank expression on my face for these images tests you know.
Movie Here's a Movie

And with Commentary

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