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Thoughtful and Sick

April 16, 2006 Sunday Thoughtful and Sick
Before I forget the top ideas of the day were...

Meal Statistics and Economics of Eating
After thinking about it for sometime I came
to the b
What warrants my research? 
What do I hope will be the outcome to base decisions

I came home late from D street and
missed my change to tele chat with Zach and Hillery.
That is a shame.

Man, I bleed a lot after cutting myself shaving.
... not much relevance this has to anyone out there in web land.
But it's how some entries go sometimes. Not much useful for 
anything really except that it reminds me of the time I cut myself
on Valentines day and did part of a movie on it.

While in the computer lab at school figuring how to write Prolog
programs and compiling assembly code for my computer for physics 316
I found a disassembler and disassembled my first windows executable.
It was fascinating and I understand what the commands were really
telling me. Though it was to complex to make total sense out of.
It was fun to find and run the program on some unsuspecting exe.
I realize that someone somewhere has to identify whether or not something
is a virus or an exe that isn't behaving as it should. They prob.
watch the program execute and see if it messes with anything it shouldn't.
mmmm interesting.

learned more css styling when I got up
When I first got up I tried fixing the formating of my blog.
They start you off with css templates along with special commands that will
evaluate to your content. I read a bit more on css and enjoyed figuring out
what all these extra commands were doing. It's funny how I neglected to 
figure it all out before because I had no pressing need. Now that it's in my face
and affecting me daily I have a tendency to want to order things the way I like.
And my comments DO work, but they are hard to recognize that anyone can place 

Camera has no reliable batteries right now. That's to bad. While at D street
I noticed Julie had folder and stacked all her nice socks and it just cried out
to me to take a picture of it. If I had had a working camera I would have.
And then people would see just that much more here.
I must be getting more comfortable with the idea my posts are live on the web.
I'm no longer thinking that hard about the thing. That could be dangers 
if I accidently and the wrong things.

I always dream of having more movies... geesh why isn't that happening?
Well, once Script format works here I think that my encourage me to pursue

surpriseingly, there were lots of thoughtful moments of the day.
These things tend to happen on study days and study weekends.

I thought about...
The Nature of Philosophy
Upon reading the syllabus for last years Phil of Sex and Love course I came 
across an assignment to pick which sexual behaviors are quote 'natural' and
'unnatural' I pick the meanings of the terms to be 'normal' and 'abnormal'
I ran down the list thinking ... ugh normal. yeah that's not right... mmm that's
okay.. whoa that happens a lot.... mmm that's illegal.
And thought one way of gaining information for an answer is to see which activities
occur the most often. But then that caused me to think about the natural of 
philosophy and whether it attempts to discovery the world
 or that it seeks to architect it's own ideas to be used as tools in making world decisions.
It's important in this respect for if it's about discovering the world than statistical 
data might aide in the thinking. It would answer the question "what is really going on most of 
the time?" But that will not offer any insight into why things get to these ways.
I was thinking just as I got out of the shower the other day that this was going to be 
an interesting summer. Well, the first half anyway. Because I'll be in a Philosophy of Sex and Love
course while concurrently in an Sculpture course unfourchanate I realized as I woke up this morning
that I was not enrolled in a ceramics class. That's what I kept imagining it was. 
To bad. I wanted to work with clay again. 
Use the material to construct robots and such.

Another somewhat interesting idea crossed my path as I was wondering among the books
on the third floor of the library.

The End of Learning.

An much of previous philosophy there is a large effort to define things.
And thus asking what is something really? And pursuing an answer but 
realizing that nothing really works out to form a proper definition
is the conclusion to .. well all of the dialogues (Powell claims)
Powell? My philosophy professor from last semester.

My thinking went along the lines of... if hypothetically someone did
discover/create a way to know when something has 'finally' been defined.
Than thought on that definition would cease. 
Through defining we learn about subjects. We rethink our selves and the 
world around us in trying to explain how things are or how they got that
way or what really matters.
There are always more questions to be asked I suppose but the idea that pricked out
at me was this whole would there ever be the End of Learning? With the death
of true full and completely described definition.
Prob not. But it's still a good thing to keep things unsolvable by definitional 
thinking or else how are we to change our minds and have new insights?

Socrates can't resolve to definitions of thisn if it
was poss to find absolute def then learning would be over
because we say we have what we are looking for.
Cont. of phil reilse on the fact def can never really
be fully satisfactory resolved
Least Powell influence me on that sort of thinking."

The one thing about philosophy that gets me is that these people, these
philosophers really believe they are helping the world. They really
believe their work is meaningful. I'm always amazed at this. At the fact
they get together in conventions. I only see philosophy and it's methods
as a passing fancy for most of the big questions and a short term very
very good tool for being creative with every question that gets asked
in the course of my work.

I think one of the interesting differences is that my rough drafts will all
be ideas I type up here while I tend that class. Interesting. I figure all the 
extra sex terms will cause my blog to be much more widely viewed. Such is 
the nature of the net. geesh.

I sat upstairs at D street feeling sick really.
And looking at guitar tabs. I noticed a strange feeling of jealously
toward the band. They get to play and be seen. They are really going
and being out there. I think seeing this image of them on Sadies
desktop stuck me and triggered the response. mmphf

Parents speak of me getting a car up here. ?!?!
During the teleChat near the end of the night mom mentioned an e mail
where it's possible I could have a car up here. ... I don't really
know how I feel about that. Actually.

Water heater busted
I came back to my place to discover that that nice hot shower I've
been wanting since earlier today will not be happening. Instead
I washed my face and accidently cut myself. I bleed a LOT.
Man, it was like I found the one large blood vessel in my whole face.

Since now someone is coming to fix the thing I decided to put 
bunch of my  expensive stuff away.
just in case.... you know.

guitar music theory? Fascinating.
I sat at D street earlier trying to place the Chords I knew in ascending order
of frequency. I wasn't really sure and so started a small quest to do just that.
... lots of information out there but I do not know which is the sort I want.

~12:54 AM (the next day)
Not much luck figuring guitar notes and theory stuff.
But I'm a bit fascinated by it. I can't see it very 
clearly yet but I would like to see where the notes, physics equations
and numbers align. 

I wonder if doing the work to put together a kit and guide to doing
projects can really be profitable. Could I succeed in that manner?
I noticed I get a thrill when I hear about how companies got started
and I remember listening to an interview with Meg H. one of the creators
of blogger and how things started out. It's cool stuff.

This is a test post to see if I can fix how my script
format shows up.
We hear CLACKING as CHRIS, our protagonist
and multiskilled college student types

While typing.

        I know I'm only suppose to use DAY or NIGHT
        inside of the location specification but
        I figure if I write script I'm the one who
        is going to be filming them.

Turns to Camera.

            CHRIS (Cont.)
        Which means I encode all the extra commands
        I feel like because I'm the one who makes use
        of it. Scripts are blueprints for me.


            CHRIS (Cont.)
        Not communication tools for Hollywood
        Also, I just love the fact that grammerical
        and spelling no longer matter for the end
        product. I ain't no novel writer.
        I make movies! Dang it.

Having said that Chris goes back to typing with
out audio verbiage.

                                            CUT TO:


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