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Tourettic Stress Headache Day

April 6, 2006 Thursday 6:06 PM Tourettic Stress Headache Day
I come home after a brutal computer debugging session with
a half headache, weakened moral and a heavy heart.
My only therapy? Playing guitar.
I do not feel right about coming in. Due to the doors
being locked and all. It's an unforgiving environment and
I dislike it.

The Thing about this is... although it's hard
and headache inducing I'm getting better... or at least
gruesomely learning more about the debugging process
and the real problems behind my memory limitations i.e.
I keep losing track of all the momentary numbers I have to
hold in my head just to 'understand the board'
My god it hurts.
As I narrowed possibilities further down.. the conundrum
deepens. Is it software? Checked that. Is it hardware?
Checked that. (as in spent an hour verifying all wires
went to where they should go)
What is one to do? Once more and more possibilities are
exhausted things start to look grim and
the one thing ... the ONLY last thing to turn to is
fixing the board integrity. I have issues with this one
bus that keeps crashing things... so I guess if I have no
idea how else to make this computer work I'll apply a
beautiful new bus wire. It'll be something. I'll have something
while sinking on this ship.

.. mm I used a lot of death references in this entry.

11:27 PM Though I spent much of the day distraught. It picked up a lot after wondering down and finding myself at Rosie's house where she wrote me a few special notes. I really appreciated the her cheering me up. Though the visit ran a little short as she had to go to bed early this night. It was good to see her and catch up on both of our lives. We both were sad to see that KJ was leaving but happy that KJ was happy again. I nearly walked by D street with out going in but then Linda pulled up with Kristina and Liz in the car and I decided to hang around a little longer. Everyone showed up and there was quite a lot of hustle and bustle and such. All the extra activity gave me a headache however and so I was glad to be given a ride home by Sadie before she left to go to Emilies stump house. ... So... I battle a headache in these last moments of my day. I think a relaxing hot shower is in order... but first I shall sort and upload images of the day.. Oh yeah, I spotted Joy massaging some guy I did not recognize out in the middle of all the activity in the quad. I had to get a picture of all these people whom had collected for a reason I know not how to phrase at the moment.

A Rather Large collection of people were out today. Joy was out there as well. Can you spot her? I talked with Rosie about how I am shy about asking females certain things. She wrote me these notes to help my confidence. She really cheered me up. Rosie cheers me. [note: I did not get permission to put this up] Liz Attacks! Kristina tries to subdue the active Liz while Starfish looks on in distress. I have more of the fighting in movie clips but again... no permission to post anything. sigh. Well, this injury occured before the fighting broke out. She fell on her hand. Ouch.

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