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April 18, 2006 Tuesday 1:12 AM
Missing Appendage and Another Journal Effect

=== From a letter to the CS Dept Chair =============================
Dear Sharon,

I was not able to get into one of the courses that would
count for two fields. They all filled up and there hasn't
been nodification since. It's alright though.

Ultimately I'm getting more 'education'
but speaking of education...

I wanted to know how Degree programs are put together.
Is there some standard required CS courses for a CS degree
out somewhere?
Does the CSU system have some common requirements for CS degrees
at each School?

Any information would be of great use to me.
Thank you,


Well? Is there?

~ later ~

Missing Appendage and Another Journal Effect

There were many moments during the day in which
I knew to take a picture but I could not.
It's as though I'm missing my right arm but I'm
still trying to pick things up with it.
It's that integrated into my being by now.

The funny part about today was that I almost had it.
Before I went to class I nearly placed it in my
pocket but stopped myself thinking.. "naw I don't
have batteries.. What is the point?"

Just chalk it up to Another Journal Effect.
This time it's very amusing. Someone in real life
knew that I needed batteries and handed them to me
during the first class I went to.
If only I had placed my camera in my pocket like I was
Thanks Josh. Other people the return of pictures to him.
My rechargeable had all died out and lost their ability
to store charge. My camera uses a lot of power I guess.

If I had had the camera I would have been able to capture many
touching moments between these two females who are practically
sisters. I grew up together and to this day have loads of
fun together. Only my throbbing head kept the over whelming
joy rays from effecting me. I really have been in pain a lot lately.
But so many times today I saw them playing. Smiles.
The cheerfulness is touching and had I gotten to take pictures
I could have shared pieces of it with the rest of the world.
The last touching moment when was I was saying good bye with hugs
and words and they both didn't want me to leave. .. aww

I need to write a letter to my Tele Group stating I haven't
been able to find some good CCLI articles. It's bad.
And I'm told I'm looking very pale today. And I feel pretty
ill. I almost didn't' come to my morning class.

But I suppose the good news about the day was that near the
beginning of Electronics I actually GOT THE A/D to WORK!
Finally!  That was a moment for the camera. But to bad.
I was glad to be over that trench but I lost my will to debug
the other problems in Lab 21. So I'd better come up with some
dynamite ideas for Special Projects to get started on.
I mused about a cyclotron. Far fetched? Not quite considering
the first one was made with a coffee can on some other things.

On another idea... I was siting listening to Wes (the prof)
talk about interrupts and how they are one step better than
the loop checking. The idea behind the hardware interrupt
is that the program will not have to continue check some
external condition there by wasting CPU cycles. The hardware
will just ... well interrupt and it will then have to deal
with what ever (service) the interrupt.
I was thinking about the nature of the fact the computer's
these days are doomed to shuffle through single file in their
quests to carry out their instructions. Is there some way
where i could combine all the information together rather than
have the machine cycle check all the hardware?

.. Maybe... I considered the possibility that I could mash
the analog input and just write a machine capable of
recognizing the patterns the same way a brain has states and
wave forms. I could ignore the separate checking and hash
everything together to create a unique picture of the state of
the machine at that time. .... fascinating.
I had more thoughts about this and I'm sure they'll come back
at another time.

Has it been a good day or a bad day? I was trying to decide
while walking home in the cold dark but starry night.
I realized one could label a day good or bad by a lot of
different criteria.

I could say a good day is any day you can go to sleep feeling
happy an pleased.

Or I could say a good day is when lab's and work are going well
or when I have lots of creative ideas and I am making progress
toward my goals.

I quickly decided being frustrated in electronics lab is stressing
but it might not be enough to turn the whole day bad. Frustration
is part of the lab I suppose.

I could rate the good day bad day based on everything and just
take the overall number of good days. ... Tallying up.
All this thought stems from... Powell whom mentions that my life
looked full of pain. I soon realized that he must have seen all
those pictures of me being upset while in lab. I can see how
that could give the impression. Interesting.

I also find the Phil of Sex and Love course is full 33 people.
Whoa there people. Whoa.

=== note from a comp lab =====================================
HSU Meal plan costs:2790
cheapest one I think

How long ? 1 semester: 4 months

Average per day:22.50
2790/(31*4) =
2790/124 =

Fird pictures
e mail prob full near quota
so large files

Should have had the camera today. One WIRE only ONE WIRE

Theories on input and wave
input pooling
reduce effects of the step by step machines
... but what do I need to know
what is the role of the microcomputer in
project ideas? and that 499?

The best thing would be to work while schooling part time.


I feel bad about spending extravigatnly on food but after I computed
the fact that the dorms meal plan is something like 22.50 a day and
up I feel better. At most in a day I spend 10 or so... so I'm
less than half of all that.

oh no I didn't get to put Brie's poem up... dang. I noticed Vi let comments... and she wished me good luck... and then.. I got through my lab.... thanks slender girl. ;)

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