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April 17, 2006 Monday 1:39 AM

A robot... how do I differ?
While humans have evolved with an objective to survival
they must find was to endure and evolutions sculpts
this form. But a machine that I build has a purpose
given to it by my whims. If we both are devices following
the laws of physics than what sepertes me from that machine?
Perhaps, the fact that it's objective is arbitrary chosen
by me while mine is just to survival and final all the best
ways of doing that.

OH gotta get this other thought down before I go to bed.
While walking in a very heavy drizzle. yesterday.
I was waving my fist at the fact that it just decided to
get harder after I decided to walk futher out to D street
while thinking of things.
I thought about the dolse. Those large metal things or
were they concrete? Out at the bay breakwater.
I wondered how to map a 3D location if some just said here
is the place build a 3D model of it.
Why not mangufacture a huge number of little robots
and fidn a way from them to crawl about and report the
location data for the entire place. Wouldn't that be useful.

The kinds of algorithms drifted through my head. Not really
clear at all but the want to find out them was there.
Sort of. And then thinking of building things smalle rand
hearing the voice of Spock in my head going 'sensors indicate'
and being like... intersting it could get very fasinating
if I pull of even a remotly similar idea. Figuring on
computer stuff now is not so much write this program
but figure out how widgets work or learn css sytle sheets
or write screen savers that can distrube a calculating job.
That last poss. always makes me drool.
Intelectually speaking that is.
9:17 AM (Approx 7 hours of sleep)

April 17, 2006 Monday 9:17 AM

CHRIS slowly wakes up. He notices he's
cold so he flicks on his SPACE HEATER.
The ALARM hasn't gone off yet so he's
laying there trying to enjoy those
precious momments of ah-I-don't-have-to
get-up-quite yet sleep.

The sounds of WATER HEATER REPAIR go
on not to far away. Least he thinks
that is what the are. He hasn't confirmed
because he doesn't want to go out and
talk to anyone just yet.

After a while Chris gets up out of bed
and turns on his sleek G5 COMPUTER with

He had a strange feeling that he should
check his e mail... just in case.

        ! Oh please be 375!

Chris has just read that CIS 372 is canceled
for today.

Turns to wall with class schedule.

"CIS 372-1 21164 Class 10:00 - 11:50"
stares back at him.


The sudden subdued joyousness motivates him
to contemplate all the new possibliets of
the morning.

One of which is going back to sleep.
But he's to awake for that right away.

        Ooo I feel like typing this in movie
        script mode.
        Especailly since I can now post in
        movie format comfortablly.


I'm just so delighted that script format works for me here. I just manipulated
the css styles enough to A, get read of those extra line spacings, B, align
the post on the right of the side box, C get read of the extra BR blogger addes
to posts, and D renew my hope that I can make that side bar much better for
my own navigation of my life.

So, I am awake... I should have had CHRIS'S THOUGHTS VOICE OVER
in the script. I only put words because I wanted to have that indent look
that scripts have. I love writing in script format for so many reasons.
One of which is all the extra space I can make notes on when I print it.

I like how my jounral can incorparte this now.

"I always had the reflex to write, I just never had it public before. This is why I haven't fallen into the whole I'll put this and
this and this up later syndrome of the net. "

Or have I?

The Chicken or the Egg
Before I fell asleep that old chicken or the egg thing kept coming
back to mind.  It was the Egg. It had to be.
Consider Species A lays and egg.
This Egg mutates becoming Species B
the Chicken.
The genetic material of the egg has morphed creating the new species
known as the chicken therefore that species did not lay the egg.
Species B did.
Did Species A come from an Egg and if so who layed that?
Naw, Species A came from some other Species that didn't lay eggs
yet probably.
It's just gotta be the Egg for evolution to work out.

INSERT MiniAWAY Journal from D Street
[Written while at D street] 8ish ( and ish is always a + or - .5 )
I'm glad that if I search "during my break" in google now the link to
my break movie comes up as the second search term. Me likely.

I got a lot of page views recently. I think it's from when I went through
examing my pages while in a computer lab and when my Phil Prof came
 and visited a bunch of pages. There were only 15 unique visitors.
I'm sure that number aought to come up if I get up some good trailers
I've done.. or will do. As I have mentioned to myself before... there really
 isn't a reason to come to this place... yet. But with luck and work there will be.
Maybe I could drum up some interest if I start creating some promo trailers
and some promo graphics. And give people some 'reasons' to come here.
I need to modify the pesky side bar to have links to intro movies amoung
other things. That means I have to spend some more time with css style
sheets. And what ever happened to that embeded file idea? It's still alive.
 I keep thinking that if I build a seperate page to encode and decode things
that would be benefical. Trust the net. The fact taht everything works
 together to get you the resources is a big part of why it's so useful.
8:05 PM
It should be obvios by now that my ideas reamin ideas for much much
 longer than they ever break into the real world.

11:26 PM  
By the way I like the old comments post. That is where I posted the
above text to get it onto my computer here. (at home)
It made me smile reading old messages of kindness and slight strangeness.
And to see that it covers something like 3 years. Is interesting to me.
11:35 PM
Any other thoughts must have been forgotten. I spent a deal of time
today reading through Sadies Philosophy of Science book. I tend to
like books that are a collection of shorter works because I always prefer
to digest many short things. Makes me feel better to have a higher throughput.

I heard my phil prof did get recieve notice of this blog. He said it seemed like
there was a lot of pain in past entries. It made me think about
going back and establishing whether each day was good or bad.
And then tallying up the results.... mmm so what do you think it is...
have I had more good days... or more bad days? And by what precent?
That that's statistics that matter in an amusing am I living my life correctly
sort of way.

Need to do a graphic that says, "Travling this season? Why not stop in at Chris World?
Make Reservations today!" on this poster thing with different languges of that text.

Zipper fights are really fun by the way. This note goes to Sadie whom doesn't
really read this thing at all. That's fine.

Better post all this before the day is over.
11:43 PM

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