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Wish Me Luck

April 13, 2006 Thursday 11:56 PM Wish me Luck
The very end of the day.
No pictures today. Camera out of batteries. 
No progress in electronics class. Well...
actually some progress given that I had rewired 
all the address buses and I actually got all
programs to run 99% of the time. That is nothing
to laugh at. But then when one major problem was
fixed... I had a glitch with the D/A converter
which Wes could not figure out the cause and it took
the entire lab time. I'll have to spend time tomorrow
to attempt a repair job or at least see how far
I can go in my programming in order to see how much
this glitch matters. I have a feeling all my extra
credit projects will not be include A to D conversion.

it's going to be a study weekend I think.

I'm really not in the habit of writing short scripts.
I remember talking about getting into that again.
I suppose the distractions of daily life as well as
social interactions have driven me off course as they 
usually do. To bad.

But not so far off course that I have forgotten
what is important to work out.

Given my headache for much of the day. 
My weary tired body can't seem to push forward with the 
studying I have to do for my tests next week. 
I breath and every time I inhale the air I feel my throat
burn a bit. 

Not the best day I suppose but it's my longest day of the 
week and I have the night to sleep. Perhaps I can make
Friday go better. I just have to remember it's a STUDY
WEEKEND. Which shouldn't even take that much time totally.

Someone out there... wish me luck.

1 comment:

Viannah said...

Luck luck luuuuuuuck.

Sorry, I know it's a bit belated.


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