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Bog Down

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May 1, 2006 Monday 9:17 PM Bog Down
Whoa did another month slip past me? I don't even think
the ink on my rent check is dry. Well, it's humboldt? Why would
it be anyway?

hmmpt Tired? Well, I think it has something to do with all the
assignment work I've got to do tonight. I just couldn't get it
all started on Sunday. And now I have a paper to write, as well
as a group project to help with. Some of my finals were moved
up a few days. mmmm some stuff is tough but because I don't
intend to pass one of the finals I suppose i can handle two tests
in one day.

The day had a splatter of different things. Some mathematical parts.
Some dropping in on the phil professor after returning DVD's
and finding Robot Carnival and Lucas in Love Both movies I want to
rent at the later part of this week to celebrate.

Dropped into Physics lab to try out that impedance idea. Sort of works
but not really enough. Should I even still pursue?
Took a nap in the library. Least I think I recall that I fell asleep.
I might not of.. it was hard to tell. I sprawled out on one of the
couches on the 2nd floor while thinking about my problems in lab and
the next thing I noticed was someone ruffling papers near my head.
It 'woke me up' I suppose would be the case had I actually fallen

11:11 PM
I can't shake the bogged down feeling. Perhaps, if I take my shower and relax
a bit I may come back and see things more clearly. I've got to take apart
a speaker tonight and rem to bring my guitar to campus once again. Mmm I should
have designed a circuit but I'm quickly running out of time for tonight.
The fact my printer doesn't directly work is a thorn in my side.

Ah, I WISH that movie would have worked. I haven't gotten to post the nice version
of it.

I exhale softly as I watch the last of todays light sink away from existance. The orange glow of others turning to a more inward life wink out of the empty window frame. I watch. Silently, as the cool blues and dark twilights lurch over the world. And I remember lighter momments of this once bright and sunny day. And thus, turn inward on my own woes as the stress of motivations new abound and rib my soul back to the labors I find myself stuck in.

A slice of life by any other name
is Made up of
each of which
a window into
each moment of existance

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