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Classic Sick for Finals

Sunset over the HSU campus.

May 10, 2006 Wednesday 11:18 AM
It's not quite a bad sore throat. It's that uncomfortable warm feeling that is
almost a worse sore throat.

I find I type earlier in the morning... well I mean when I wake up... and
then later in the day, sometimes in the middle, but mostly by the end of it
I type again. Sort of the beginning middle and end sort of deal.

12:32 PM
I have a problem.
And it's about codecs. I want to make sure none of my video material is breaking
any licensing terms. So, I want to be absolutely sure that all my technology
is open source.
So, I find this open source video encoding code. They are known as codecs.
Long story short, they are bits of software that deploy compression algorithms in
order to make large movies files small for easy download.
End users would have to install the component in order to view the movies I upload.
As you are probably aware of people love things to just be one click easy.
If the movie doesn't show up and you have to get the plug in they just don't
get the plugin and move on.
This is a problem.
So how am I to solve it?
Perhaps, I could talk about why it's a good idea to go ahead and
install the simple little file in order to support open source video
encoding. Then maybe just maybe people would actually download and install
such a thing to help fight the good fight in the propriety codec wars that
have been going on for quite some time.

I know one interesting bit is that if I upload the exact same encoded file
on to youtube or some other place that uses flash player to display the work
the files are viewable.

I know some people disable

I spent the first 2.5 hours of my day listening to audio interviews with Neil Gershenfeld
and that macintosh guy.

Develpers link to...

10:23 PM
I had to go out to print many papers.
I'm out of paper. I have to buy some more. My printer half works and
I do like to watch it do it's work since the cover came off. But now
I have to babysit it whenever I want to print things. It's tough

This cold is driving my crazy. I've got this whole fogged up feeling
in my face. It's a classic really. Be sick for your finals. It makes
it just that much more difficult. Dang it.

I did collect quite a lot of images from that walking out to print

Looking up past Founders Hall. The trees past the RedWood Bowl have a nice tinge on them. Don't know if it comes out here. Looks like graduation stuff is getting set up. Cirrus. Cirrus clouds are very nice. I've come to enjoy them more ever since I started paying attention to the sky. I may not keep weather records anymore but I have an appreciation for such things now. I step into the J on my little walk home, and catch this frame. Looks like they are getting this room set up too. I walked up to the stand and found the mic on, but the mute was on. And I switched off the mute and found a working PA. Neato. If it wasn't for that one person studying outside I would have spoken into it. But I loved that I had the possiblity. The Cubboard is bare. They stop restocking at the end of the Spring Semester. Whoa. To those whom know the Cuboard they know that this whole wall used to have stuff on it. It's all gone. Ah, Nicole. Vaguely Egyptian. She was once my Sadies LGA and a Cypress LGA. She was also once AS President. Nicole is quite happy to be graduating. I have no idea what the towel is for. I find Alex at the ResNet office. He tells me that he sent me an e mail about moving his stuff in tommorrow. It just happened before I walked in. A lazy, studyish Liz hang out as the night takes over the sky. A basket fan? Whoa. Earlier today....

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