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May 11 2006

May 11, 2006 Thursday 9:01 AM
I'm back from getting up and taking the Architecture final.
Ehhhh Oh well.
There are approximately 4 hours before my next final today.
I figured I'd catch up on sleep or relax, or review some more for it.

I had a really bad night last night. I kept waking up. (which is why I
need the extra nap time) And I had these nightmarish dreams.
It wasn't like overwhelming fear or anything like that... but there were
scary elements... or more like spooky elements. There were old hags
that scared the fish and the river back into the bog. I remember it
being very very hard to move and the need to get away from the bog.
And I woke up on the note when I said "That's the driver?" it was this
large crazy guy whom was driving the trailer that was suppose to get me
away from the place I didnt' want to be.
I woke up fully awake 3 hours before I had to get up to take this test
and thinking whoa....
I can't wait for the last 2 finals to be over. I need to go back to putting
together those parts of my life that really matter.

Although when I got up I was very awake at first. I thought about doing an
askaninja parody but it's like how thinking and my knowledge are like..CUT
a line.. CUT No, a squiggly line .. CUT sine wave like this HAND GESTURE
and the grades are like the digital CUT like little boxes with letter in them
CUT and here comes the analog wave form of knowledge nad then CUT Hawh Hawh CUT
It's like digital now so there's this grade CUT in a box. CUT and now you
remember your grade but it's nothing like that analogy wave form of knowledge.

PROPS Grades on little cards.

... or like that or so.

I need to produce some starfish wrapping paper. For a certain someone's birthday.

8:33 PM
Well, my sinus headache has had enough excitement.
I dragged my carcass out to D street in order to deliver Starfish's Gift.
And then as the sun was setting I knew I best be getting back home.
I have a large collection of imagery from happenings though.

My nose is very sore and raw and I think the best thing to do
now is to calmly go about the rest of the night with out extra excitement.
I have one last final tomorrow. STAT.
Shouldn't be that big of a problem. So, I think the worst is behind me.
Oh yeah, and I can't forget to go pick up my physics tools and disassembly my

9:52 PM
I just got a call from Joy.
So she IS leaving for the summer. She found places where she can take the classes she
needs and can afford them. ... I might miss her, but I'll live. Only, I'm a bit disappointed
at losing the prospect of getting to walk and talk with her about math and physics.
I suppose it can all wait... and I can put all the ideas together. I want to couple the
mathematics and the physics... and I suppose I could put them in movie form but I really
wanted someone to walk and talk with about the ideas.
It's a classic theme. Someone whom knows explains to someone whom does not know and the
audience comes along for the ride.

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