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May 12, 2006 Last Day of Finals

May 12, 2006 Friday 1:13PM
If I am to have an indepth conversation I'd rather it be over e mail.
For I dislike the in-your-face nature of in person at teh moment conversation.
I also prefer to take in and respond to ideas at a more leisurely pace.
Having a record of textual arguments builds a body of work from which to draw
more from, as well as to recall exactly what has been said.
It's overal more effeicent than the heat of the moment talks about philosophical,
physical, or mathematical ideas.

In other words... dont' talk to me about ideas... write to me about ideas.
at about 12:30 PM today I finsihed dissembly of my computer and the last annoying
task of sorting all the pieces back into their boxes. It's amazing that this handful
of chips was once a working computer that I put together.

Lot's of good sum up imagery there.

the end of a term and the beginning of a summer term always involes me doing some
sort of recounting or at least looking ahead to want I want to do for the summer.
Aside from the summer courses I should find a way to dedicate myself to certain

Finish that Catapult. And write the simulation to find the range it can make.
Study data communications and the internet
maybe even algorithms
Perhaps I'll work on and produce those Math and Physics shorts
and dedicate them to Joy for if I can not walk and talk with her about the
things at least I can do something.

Clean this place.. that's a given.

gotta take a stab at the physics and math series.
My first, but not the last. Just try out stuff. See what works.
get some feedback.

Sound files!!!

Grade the report while in a very very good mood.
Perhas after winning the lottery or some other good event like finding out
you got a raise.
Clear thinking is not required. Have a drink or two to loosen you up for optimual
grading preformance.

My most viewed move since I put one up is Playing Guitar at 4372 views.
It's not even that good a clip. Thousands of people must think I'm a bad
A close second is the 3D happy Birthday Card for Brenna at 892 views.

8:04 PM
My head throbs everytime I cough. Man, I'm just plain sick. Like I would have said
sickish but this is just ... 'sick'. And I really really don't feel like waking up
early for anyone's graduation tomorrow.

I was thinking how someday I could have a movie in response to everytime someone
comes up with a topic that bugs me. Or if they point out something about me and I
can just thrust a card with a url into their face and say "Oh yeah! Get this!"
And then they would know. A strange part of communication I'd say.


I found something on this site...
"Male, married without spouse" what the heck is a spouse then?

The site also tells me there are 4384 single males and 3984 single females.
So that leaves 400  males whom are out of luck... Unless, perhaps, a bunch of people just
switch around for a bit. Ah statistics are so weird sometimes.

Which reminds me... was this the last day of math class? The last math test?
Could it be? Finally the end of formal math training? I hope so.
There is always that possiblity I might not be done with it all given changes
in majors and what not.

.. "The penalty for attempted sucide is death" - unknown


It feels good to do things that you know might help you later.

I just read that there is a 300 MB limit on images.
mmmm I guess I won't get to be as visual as I wanted.

well the archive to the rescue?

Don't know but I did sign up for a flickr account to see if that will
hold me.
But mostly maybe I'll find a way to just do slide show movies with the images.
... than I could have narration... ah well it wouldn't be as high quality I suppose.

I'm really starting to want to give back to the archive. I really feel they are
doing a good thing. And that the effects just haven't been felt yet.
To see how people use their privilages and to see that they are the most open
place makes me want to stand up and apploud their efforts.
I'd better do something to help them.

There is no way I'm going to order all these correctly. So.... they will just be out of order.
After my STAT final I went to the physics lab to take apart my computer. Someone had this hotplate with a paper on it... and at first I thought... ahhh but then I saw it was off and cooling. Phew. The files were from earlier today. I recorded some talkin but now I realize I didn't post it. mm Other pieces I pulled off my machine. And the skeleton remains of the monster. It was almost therapeutic to rip the thing apart... well carefully remove the chips because I had to re-sort them. Oh the carnage as I carefully pop of chips. I've got it's juglar. So that was what made a computer. A living running honest to god computing machine. I enjoyed holding them all in my hand. This computer was made up of a handful of chips. The before picture. The first wire is pulled. I take one last look at my machine. Prying prying. I actually got some POV camera shots of taking wires off. I kept thinking of the movie Doom. It was just like that.. except for the teethy monsters and such. Low on the chips. IN ACCENT: Crikey! These microchips form herds in the wild. They have to be harvested and put to good use.
Later in the day... Alex, Josh and Tracy come by to drop off stuff. I admire the sunset through squinty eyes. Wow. You can't even tell I have a headache in this picture. There was a shot that looked very close to this but it was right after my hair cut. Josh and Tracey. And so they leave.

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