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May 15, 2006 Monday

May 15, 2006 Monday 11:36 AM
Nice shower finally.

Nano tech is going to make for a very cool and interesting future.
You could hav holographs the way you see in movies. (a candle flame is just
a lot of glowing little particles and I believe that is 3D saturat a room
with them and they all decide when to glow and what color info just
moves through the room)
You could have universal vactines
You could have sensors just like in star trek (after an painless injection)
Maybe just mabye the brain could be preservd while your alive and you can
contine to process information ... for as long as you deem fit.

The sky hook? Don't know where I heard the term but the idea
to have a statline space staion in geo orbit and have a really long
cable going to the surface of the Earth. 
(only what of wind and stuff? it would have to be sturdy enough the way
a pole is I would not want to be on one of those things if it fell)
If you rode up on a high speed elevator.. for the most part you would
feel heavy as or heaveir than you do at the surface of the earth but
then once you cout near to the top of the cable it would slow down
and you would feel like you were falling. 
robotic garden?
Life metric? From landry to lung capacity.... keeping track of those life measurments.

I should go through my old journals.

I woke up ... well right before I was still dreaming of this equation that I was trying
to solve and I had an answer which was like .75*4 or so. But after I got up I couldn't
get up to write it down from where I was so I lost it. Though now I don't even
think it's right.

2:28 PM
I'm glad that the net works well now.
I'm glad that I can be here alone so that I can film comfortably.
I'm glad that my roommate sleeps during the night and is awake when I'm
I'm glad that I have this in between time to settle matters. 

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